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perplekks45 16th October 2006, 15:02 Quote
Actually, I don't know what all the PES vs. Fifa fuss is all about. PES for realism and 2on2's on your PlayStation, Fifa for fun and easy online play.
Fifa 07 improved a lot over 06 but keepers still are stupid, defenders too slow (as long as you don't talk about turning speed of computer controlled player in certain situations). It's a lot fun but it's a bit too easy. I hardly lose any games on world class and if I do it's most likely because I played veeery bad against ManU or Liverpool or Chelsea or any other European top team.

All in all I have to say for me it's the best Fifa ever and I really enjoy playing it, and I'm playing it a lot. :)

Take a look at my sig for some Fifa goodness. ;)
Solidus 16th October 2006, 15:31 Quote
Fifa sucks. Pro Evolution is better, much better. Period.
Im not going to even bother putting up a argument in favour of this statement. There really isnt a need.

Believe what you want the rest of you!
atanum141 16th October 2006, 16:45 Quote
I like pro evo, but me and my mate were discussing weather if its become too complex of a game, as its like its trying to out do itself every version that comes out and there are more anoyances with every version, tho some people would say it adds realism but i think it add complications.
DougEdey 16th October 2006, 16:52 Quote
A mate of mine says that he prefers pro evo since it seems to stick to the realism more, especially with the refs as they can make mistakes.

I personally just keep Pro Evo 5 upto date and it works fine.
(BTW: Atanu - it's whether, not weather)
Aankhen 16th October 2006, 21:16 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
(BTW: Atanu - its wether, not weather)
Actually, it's "whether". :D Also, "its" is a possessive pronoun, whereas "it's" is a contraction of "it is".
Iago 17th October 2006, 09:50 Quote
Pro Evo for teh win!!

There's nothing more engaging than 1v1 or 2v2 PES matches in consoledom. My bro still comes religiously every Sunday afternoon, we turn the radio to hear the Liga matches, launch PES 5 and spend a glorious 3-4 hours oblivious to the rest of the world. It never gets old. I even enjoy it more than watching the real thing (quite reasonable for fans of Real Madrid like me, duh)

Of course, you need a fiancee/wife/spouse that enjoys doing something that doesn't involve you on Sunday afternoons (or is very, very simpathetic), wich is a luxury not everyboy has :D

About FIFA...big meh. If I want scores like 13-10, or 7-9. I play Fifa Street Football, which IS arcadish and fun but then it's supposed to be. "Serious" football requires serious simulation, and despite all it's licenses, Fifa's gameplay is lacking there...
MiNiMaL_FuSS 17th October 2006, 17:17 Quote
Been playing the 07 version of the game for a while now, have to say it's very buggy at best (well it's EA what did you expect)...the patch is long overdue and was supposed to be out over a week ago but keeps getting pushed back everyday.

There's a massive problem with the cutscenes skipping and lagging on about 50% of system (even very very high end rigs), however some very good temporary solutions have been discovered by players (pm me if u experience these problem and need a hand)

I'm glad they've finally made alot of the little changes we've been waitng for for years, like the small yellow dot that indicate where the ball will evenutally end up when its in the air, and the far greater trick/pace control. This is the best attempt in recent versions, however Fifa hasn't managed to re-capture it's prime days (Fifa 98-RttWC was by far the best Fifa experience).....looks like i'll be waiting on the next pro-evo.

Oh and what the hell is up with the offside rule in this game?? if u want to score, my advice is forget it even exists when playing 07!!! It seems that half of the time u can be completely offside by a country mile and get away with it?!?! Maybe the Fifa linesmen took a paycut this year of something. This needs fixing.
sl1xx 19th October 2006, 21:31 Quote
all these fifas are basically the same just with updated transfairs and a little bit better gfx they need to do something then to the game because ive stoped playing them they bore me to death !
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