Just Cause

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gideon 9th October 2006, 14:36 Quote
i like the color's in the screenshot's not those dark one's i've seen in a lot of games the last time
[USRF]Obiwan 9th October 2006, 14:50 Quote
I have seen the demos on well if you're like 12 year old this could be fun...
_DTM2000_ 9th October 2006, 15:05 Quote
Is this single player only on the PC?
M4RTIN 9th October 2006, 15:10 Quote
i've got the 360 demo. dont think much of it really,everything has an odd blur to it aswell
PA!N 9th October 2006, 15:28 Quote
Looks like HDR overkill...goregous
crayfish 9th October 2006, 15:45 Quote
I played the 360 demo and thought it was crap.
will. 9th October 2006, 15:58 Quote
does look good, but it reads bad. not a buy for me.
jezmck 9th October 2006, 16:00 Quote
edit: sorry, wrong thread.
DarkReaper 9th October 2006, 16:36 Quote
Originally Posted by will.
does look good, but it reads bad.
Ditto. Beautiful HDR bloom but if it's just a dull game then it won't be worth the money.
wilkyboy 9th October 2006, 18:26 Quote
You guys seen this on the PS2? It looks worse than GTA3!
DXR_13KE 9th October 2006, 19:04 Quote
Originally Posted by wilkyboy
You guys seen this on the PS2? It looks worse than GTA3!
smoke less, it is better for your head. the game looks beatifull and games like this dont belong on the PS2.

and if it has action, guns, explosions then i am in. :D
Starbuck3733T 9th October 2006, 22:51 Quote
I love how the "beautiful screenshots" page's content is clickable for a full-rez version. Bummer.
Garside 10th October 2006, 00:13 Quote
Sorry about that Starbuck - it is a bit naff that we couldn't put full resolution images up. Will endeavour to try and get as many full size shots up in the future as possible!
speedfreek 10th October 2006, 00:44 Quote
It looks like a game that I would need a full size "demo" to try it out with. The graphics look great and I like the idea of a big map when done correctly. However they were very liberal with the HDR and some of the reviews look not so flattering.
Hazardous 10th October 2006, 17:28 Quote
Originally Posted by speedfreek

It looks like a game that I would need a full size "demo" to try it out with.

Like this you mean


Or are you on about a console demo?

Anyways... I bought the [PC] game for just £17.99 (Play/Gameplay = same price)... so I can forgive any minor niggles it might have ;)
TheSaladMan 10th October 2006, 22:10 Quote
I just LOVE that motion blur, gonna grab this to play on my new rig tomorrow.
speedfreek 10th October 2006, 23:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Hazardous
Like this you mean


Or are you on about a console demo?
I mean the kind of full size demo you get on a torrent site. The only games I buy outright anymore are half life games and GTA.

And please dont insult me with that console stuff.
But I do want a Wii to play with :D
gooch006 11th October 2006, 10:11 Quote
First off you need to play the 360 version to fully appreciate the graphics. Second off all you people hatin this game for having to travel long distances for the main story missions, bugger off. You had to do the same thing in GTA many a time. and I don't remember being able to grapple a chopper in GTA and jack it letting me get where I need to go much quicker, but I do remember the loading time between the 3 "areas" of the city wich you don't have in just cause. Once you play a couple hours and figure it out this game is endless in it's array of travel options. The grapple gun feature makes it quite unique. + Add the size of the map and the 250+ side missions and your in for many hours of your life wasted playing this game.
sam.g.taylor 13th October 2006, 13:55 Quote
Is it me, or are the minimum video requirements a bit low (64MB graphics card)?
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