House of the Dead: Overkill

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BioSniper 15th February 2009, 16:52 Quote
Did you manage to get a good hands on with the "Hand Cannon" adaptor? If so I don't see anything about it.
I'd really like to know if its one I should bother with :D
itazura 15th February 2009, 18:31 Quote
glad to hear it's excellent -- really looking forward to getting a chance to play this!
CardJoe 15th February 2009, 18:32 Quote
I tried it at a Sega event where I picked up the code and, I have to say, I really like it. It's way better than a zapper. Big, cartoony and heavy, with good balance. The Wii mote straps in the top and it looks like a huge magnum .357. It's good, and cheap. I didn't mention it much in the review as I only had about a half hour with it, but there is a link on the last page.
BioSniper 15th February 2009, 18:35 Quote
The link on the last page is an article for Ghost Squad?

Thanks though Joe, I'll probably get one of the official Magnum ones then. I'll see if I can locate them cheaper than £10 each though, maybe even a replica of it through the 'bay could be in order.. I'm so tight :P
heir flick 15th February 2009, 19:07 Quote
i would have liked the same as the australians, they got the bang bang box set that came with two hand cannons
Skutbag 16th February 2009, 23:03 Quote
Blasted through both story and directors cut mode in a couple of days with my girlfriend- short but sweet, quality writing and basically more consistent gameplay than previous HOTD's or even the Resi-on-rails Wii game out recently. The gun periphals seem sturdy and can be used with all other gun games on the Wii- but it won't ruin the game if you dont have em. One sentence review? Geniunely funny for a videogame- not just in the cutscenes but during play- and thats pretty rare in itself.
boiled_elephant 16th February 2009, 23:15 Quote
It's not so rare for house of the dead, though. Did you ever play HOTD 2? Oh, god. It was just...special. I loved that game so much.

I could never tell if it was tongue-in-cheek or unintentionally funny, but it didn't matter. It was absolutely hilarious. If it was a film, MST 3000 would have done a feature on it...
Skutbag 19th February 2009, 00:21 Quote
Humour in HOTD has always been kind of unintentional, so it's not so crazy for overkill to just take that and run like hell with it.

In HOTD2 where Goldman gives his little lecture near the final boss- every word is just chewed out.

And though I'm not really one for patriotism- hats off to the the UK based Headstrong games for the development- I'm sure times are tough so I hope it goes well for em- god knows the government doesn't seem to recognize a growing creative industry when it sees one.
Otto69 24th February 2009, 05:04 Quote
I just got this tonight. Along with a .45 semi-auto type plastic wiimote holder. So far I've only played about 10 minutes, but it's like I'm in a rail shooter with zero control over where I can look; is that what the game is? I've also got some serious problems with the game ignoring my aiming in the sections where I have to rescue a civilian. I can't get the crosshairs to activate. I'm about 6' from the there some minimum distance, or something, that's horking me?

If I can get past the aiming issues this will be a hilarious game to play. Definately a drinking game.
CardJoe 24th February 2009, 07:48 Quote
It's an on-rails shooter again yes. You'd need to move close or far enough away for the sensor bar to pick everything up, as usual. For me thats about 4 or 5 feet from the screen.
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