Skate It! Hands-On Preview

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Matticus 18th October 2008, 16:27 Quote
Want...So badly!

My parents have got a Wii downstairs and will get Wii Fit sooner or later, so this just has to be done.

Building on what you said about actually trying to ollie and being told you where too fat and are going to break the you think this game would be easier or harder if you already skateboard? For instance would I attempt to do an actually kickflip (but in a non jumpy way) and not get anywhere or do you need a small bit of knowledge about skateboarding to get on well?
The boy 4rm oz 19th October 2008, 03:49 Quote
I can see people forgetting it's not a real skateboard and breaking the balance board thing. Nice idea I think but epic fail.

Is it possible to use the normal remote and a nunchuck instead of the balance board? It was probably already stated int he article, I probably just missed it lol.
Tim S 19th October 2008, 04:19 Quote
yes, you can use the Wiimote/nunchuck combo instead
mjordan100 27th October 2008, 23:45 Quote
I am also eagerly anticipating this game, and drooling a bit. I have wii fit, but dont use it much. I already have this on reserve. IF anyone wants to see a 20 minute demo that the producers of the game gave in Paris recently, check this link. I have not seen this much footage anywhere else on the web:
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