Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

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zelox991 8th December 2007, 07:15 Quote
alrite..first comment! XD
well...i think this device is unique in it's way but i dont really like Resident Evil series...
hope the ppl here can maybe test it on other games??!!!
dmak 8th December 2007, 07:20 Quote
dont know about the game really, but the zapper is plain broken, the trigger is squishy, on the wrong hand, and its there is no room for your hand. Nyko is doing a more true light gun. maybe you guys will get one to review? then let us know how that compares.
Veles 8th December 2007, 07:34 Quote
You guys get into work far too early :p
Awoken 8th December 2007, 08:03 Quote
Shark attack?

Then there is the knife, which is mostly good for hacking at leeches and bats that cling to the screen. Swinging a blade is something which sounds like fin, but in-game is enormously disappointing because it’s so easy
Bauul 8th December 2007, 10:35 Quote
If 7 is an average game, does this mean this is actually quite poor, or have you adjusted your scoring tactics? I was expecting something more like 6 to be honest, true it might not be a great game but this is a on-a-rail shooter, it's nigh on impossible to produce a good game in the genre.

Though in that respect maybe 5 is a correct score, if one doesn't distinguish between genres when scoring. In the grand scheme of things, whilst I know it's a bad game overall, how does it compare as a light-gun game, compared to say House of the Dead (1-4), Time Crisis or the like?

Ah, House of the Dead 3. Top of the scoring board! For, erm, one day, Lol.
CardJoe 8th December 2007, 10:40 Quote
Let's throw averages aside. This is a 5 because it does exactly what you'd expect for a on-rails shooter without ever doing anything beyond that. If it was quite a fun game to play despite that then it'd be a 6 - a competent game which is worth fans picking up for a bit. A 7 isn't a score meaning that "This is an average game", it's just the score that most games get because they do what they say, are competent, and then are either enough fun to warrant a look from some non-fans or they do something fairly new or cool.

This gets a 5 because, although it 'does what it says on the tin', it isn't all that fun to play and even fans may find it a bit of a slog. It's not a bad game because it doesn't do anything wrong, but it's not something you'd really want to buy.

It's a little deeper than the arcade cabinet games, but in regard to the console versions of those then it's about the same. There's a few unlockables, but they never really bring you that far away from the original experience.
Zurechial 8th December 2007, 10:56 Quote
You can’t clutch it to your soldier because you need your left hand at the back and your thumb on the C-stick.

To your soldier?!

The schoolboy in me wants to giggle at that. :)

The word 'soldier' preceded by a personal pronoun AND the word 'stick' in the one line?! It's more than this immature boy can take! :p

Joe, I like the way that your reviews demonstrate quite clearly that you're not just someone who has jumped on the series' bandwagon because you were handed this game to review, but that you've either played the other games in the series or at least researched them.
It makes your opinions and insights that bit more credible and informed.
Keep it up. ;)
DXR_13KE 8th December 2007, 13:05 Quote
that light gun looks like crap..... i was always saying this after that guy with the strange hair do showed that the first time.

why not do the zapper this way?
willyolio 8th December 2007, 20:11 Quote
someone should make a zapper with a proper buttstock. aiming 2-handed is a bit better than single-handed, but still nothing compared to having the gun pressed against your shoulder.
LeMaltor 8th December 2007, 20:18 Quote
This the one that was set in Africa or is that another one?
The Chugnut 8th December 2007, 23:07 Quote
Originally Posted by LeMaltor
This the one that was set in Africa or is that another one?

That's #5. This one's based around the early ones.
Major 9th December 2007, 00:16 Quote
A score of 5? Pretty low tbh.

Sounds like the game is totally shite, but you didn't want to say. ;)
Woodstock 9th December 2007, 01:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Article

I can only liken it to being pushed along in a wheelchair whilst paralysed when you find out that you’ve got feeling restored in your left arm – only to find that that arm is tied down. It’s an unusual analogy, I grant you, but accurate.
unusual, how about damm near scary

Joe, btw loved the brain dead reference no-else has ever seemed to have heard about it except from my mum, who thought it was random crap (i thought it was awesome random crap). I must get it on dvd some stage
g3n3tiX 9th December 2007, 13:12 Quote
Yay braindead !
I wouldn't spend 60€ on this type of game...Maybe rent it or buy it 2nd hand. Or the best would be lent by a friend....
StephenK 15th December 2007, 21:02 Quote
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