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hardflipman 13th January 2012, 12:30 Quote
Me and wife both got each other this for christmas based on seeing Robert Florence's video review!
It really is a very good game indeed the only issue being the voting cards and board restrict it to 6 players. I don't really think the fact that you'll see most cards in the first few games is much of an issue as everyone will have a different take on what the card could mean. and there is an expansion which i think is just a whole load more cards.
EdwardTeach 13th January 2012, 15:59 Quote
I bought this for my wife this Christmas. An excellent game! Very suitable for family occasions as it is simple, silly and gets everyone involved.

I am noticing more board game reviews on the site Joe, is the remit being widened?
Blazza181 13th January 2012, 17:30 Quote
ooh. Looks like a nice little game to play. And it's title is derived from latin === awesome.
DbD 13th January 2012, 17:47 Quote
I like the board game reviews - wife's BD coming up and she loves games, particularly those with a psychological element so bought this for her :)
mikkig 14th January 2012, 21:07 Quote
Dixit Oddessy supports up to 12 players on the board and also teams. There is nothing stopping your for having more than 6 players. You just need to keep score on a peice of paper or something :]
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