Lego Marvel Super Heroes preview

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Blackshark 15th April 2013, 09:41 Quote
A great match up - cant wait
xaser04 15th April 2013, 12:36 Quote
Really having fun at the moment in Lego City: Undercover so this is definetly on my radar.

I love the humour in the Lego games. They manage to appeal to virtually all audiences.
SchizoFrog 15th April 2013, 12:43 Quote
It amazes me that so many games that take on the 'real' nature of these types of games consistently fail so hard and yet the LEGO parodies always seem to do no wrong. I wonder if people's expectations are much lower due to the childish overtone and the ever appealing love of LEGO.
Xir 15th April 2013, 13:18 Quote
The LEGO games are simple enough for kids, yet challenging enough for adults, and fun for both.
That's the secret.

TT-games doesn't do patches, and leave glitches in their games, that's my major annoyance with the series.
maverik-sg1 15th April 2013, 13:31 Quote
I've enjoyed playing Lego star wars, Indiana Jones and LOTR with my son, there's enough of a challenge for us both and the humorous approach appeals to me a lot - I like how they manage to stay true to the films and make a good game each time though....something which most games with a film tie-in fails miserably to do.

The LEGO series are one of the few games I really enjoy playing with the kids - My issue is finding pegi 12 first person shooters for me and my son to play (split screen, system link or online), there was none of this PEGI stuff when I was younger and I recall playing way of the exploding fist, international karate, ikari warriors, commando, Gauntlet, Bruce Lee, The Last Ninja and Gunship all as a pre-teen, the rating system sucks thank goodness for games like the Lego series.....they save me from Ratchet and Clank!!!
Xir 16th April 2013, 11:45 Quote
why do you need PEGI12 for your son if you think it was okay for you as a kid to play games for an "older" audience?
Does the PEGI-Police come and bust down your door?

As a gaming father, you're in the best position to decide what you want your kid to see and play and what not. Classifications are for people who don't bother to decide for themselves.
blackerthanblack 18th April 2013, 13:44 Quote
I would assume that if he were to decide himself, he would have to buy and vet lots of games himself, which would use up lots of spare time, and money? Either of which not all of us have in abundance.
maverik-sg1 18th April 2013, 21:30 Quote
Also I am an absent parent - which means that the kids live with their mom and I see them weekends - so consider the kids running home saying the played Moh or COD or even Halo with daddy, then imagine social services paying me a visit.

So yes, I do have to game with my kids as if the PEGI-police will hunt me down if I don't follow the certifications......and yes I do believe that PEGI get it wrong a lot, but to the law, PEGI certs are there to be followed.
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