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johnnyboy700 13th February 2013, 08:05 Quote
Definitely a bargin bin aquisition.

PC Gamer had the best desciption I've seen so far, "a swing and a miss", I figure this will drop in price just like MoH warfighter did which I got for £12 from my local games shop.
will_123 13th February 2013, 08:11 Quote
Could have been great...disappointing.
Snips 13th February 2013, 09:16 Quote
Is it out on WiiU yet? Apparently, the motion tracker stays on your controller and freaks you out as you keep having to look down at it and then back up to the screen. I like the sound of that and could be the real reason for this release if it works.

As for the "Alien3" comment, watch them all together now including the intended David Fincher version and the stinker in the pile is unbelievably "Aliens" and Cameron's shoddy work.
scott_chegg 13th February 2013, 09:38 Quote
You can turn off the on sceen hint and audible warning to use the motion tracker.
impar 13th February 2013, 10:15 Quote
x5pilot 13th February 2013, 11:05 Quote
One thing I learned over several years is game reviews are the opinion of individuals.
Having seen all sorts of reviews earn both questionably high and low ratings on various sites, I still intend to buy the game and form my own opinion - I've been looking forward to this game for a while, its not like I'm now going to ignore just because of this review.
johnnyboy700 13th February 2013, 12:25 Quote
Erm, its not just this review, it appears to just about all of them that say its a missed opportunity. However I will still buy it but not until the price drops by quite a bit.
lacuna 13th February 2013, 13:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Grimloon
(except this mythical beast known as "Alien 3" - no such creature, it simply doesn't exist) .

Alien 3 is a brilliant film, you just have to get past the fact that it is a lot different from Aliens.
towelie 13th February 2013, 18:00 Quote
No where near as bad as the reviews make out, so many good reference to the old movie and online as aliens is so fun.
[PUNK] crompers 13th February 2013, 19:10 Quote
MP is decent tbh but SP is pretty laughable. Even co-op doesn't make it much fun. I'd say a missing opportunity but not as awful as some are making out
leslie 13th February 2013, 21:28 Quote
I love the series, and liked Borderlands 2, so this was really hard not to pre-purchase, but I didn't want another Homefront situation, now, I'm glad I waited. Sounds like they are going to have some really angry customers.
Oggyb 14th February 2013, 00:05 Quote
Just FYI, "Scalectrix" should be Scalextric and "slither" should be "sliver".

Agree with the above re PC-orientated site with a review of the PS3 version.
sstteevveenn 14th February 2013, 14:04 Quote
and "license" should be "licence". :)
impar 14th February 2013, 20:14 Quote
Originally Posted by sstteevveenn
and "license" should be "licence". :)
Eldorado 16th February 2013, 22:34 Quote
Being UE3 I'm sure there are plenty of tweaks through the .ini's. With the inevitable price drop in the near future I shall pick this up purely 'cos it has aliens with acid in their veins.
Grimloon 17th February 2013, 06:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Eldorado
Being UE3 I'm sure there are plenty of tweaks through the .ini's. With the inevitable price drop in the near future I shall pick this up purely 'cos it has aliens with acid in their veins.

Yup, THX555 on moddb has done a load of tweaks to add DX10 effects if you can't be bothered to experiment yourself. It does improve the visuals quite a lot.
Harlequin 17th February 2013, 07:43 Quote
Originally Posted by impar


License is a verb and means to give permission ; Licence is a noun and refers to that permission

this aliens games is an example of Brand licensing, ergo the OP is correct.
[PUNK] crompers 17th February 2013, 12:09 Quote
Originally Posted by Grimloon
Yup, THX555 on moddb has done a load of tweaks to add DX10 effects if you can't be bothered to experiment yourself. It does improve the visuals quite a lot.

Any links for this?
mighty_pirate 18th February 2013, 07:50 Quote
Originally Posted by lysaer
I gotta say, I see nothing wrong with this game, it is atmospheric, the graphics are absolutely fine on the pc , the music is intense, playing on ultimate badass without a HUD makes it even more challenging and you constantly feel like there is something breathing down your neck.

I am not really sure what else was to be expected, it feels and looks like aliens to me

I think review sites have been incredibly unfair on this game, it seems like you've all just spam copy and pasted each others review and no one has actually really played it.

Why are we getting PS3 reviews anyways, surely a PC review would be more apt for this site.
Most sites review console copies for most games as that's what publishers like to distribute for reviews. It sucks, but better this than nothing.
I agree that in a lot of ways it feels like Aliens, the soundtrack is great, the atmosphere feels right & there are a lot of really nice references for fans of the series.
But the graphics are pretty poor for a new "AAA" title, just dated, like something that might have impressed 6-7 years ago. That in itself wouldn't bother me, but with all the other holes in the game you'd hope at least it had stunning visuals to fall back on, but it doesn't... The plot is truly awful & the xenomorph AI is shockingly terrible. Like the review said, THAT last point is the thing that ruins the game, their just not scary, not sneaky, there's no variation in their tactics (bar a few scripted sequences they pretty much beeline straight for you), no variation in move speed, no rapid spiralling down corridors, they're boring.

The multiplayer goes the other way, having much more entertaining gameplay due to avoiding the AI problems by pitting players against each other but holds lots of canonical annoyances for Aliens fans (for me anyway); all the new xenomorph classes that they completely made up, the spitter they could just about get away with canonically, but the rest are ridiculous & entirely new fabrications that make little sense, created just to fill a hole in the game. I think everything that's good about the mp exists in a better form in Left 4 Dead.
Ergath 18th February 2013, 12:59 Quote
This makes me a sad panda. Why is there so much fail associated with this franchise these days/
SNIPERMikeUK 19th February 2013, 16:46 Quote
Really wish this was bought on console, so I could trade it in, instead it is linked to my steam account. I will be very selective with what I buy in download only future. Gearbox (and the other developers that were farmed out to create this alien acid) it is absolute crappppppp, even a free season pass would not convince me otherwise....
Grimloon 19th February 2013, 21:07 Quote
Originally Posted by [PUNK] crompers
Any links for this?

Try this one

The co-op is kind of fun, it gets a little hectic though as they more or less double up the enemies for two of you and the AI "assistance" is still a touch lacking (remember the Oblivion AI that steps in front of you just as you fire? It's like that).
Phil Rhodes 27th February 2013, 19:35 Quote
How the hell can you possibly screw this up?!
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