PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review

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Eiffie 28th November 2012, 19:52 Quote
I'm having a blast with this game, the fact that an older friend of mine works at superbot as a programmer is nice too. I love being able to support a game when it's got someone I know attached to it. I just wish I didn't get my ass handed to me so hard when I play online. It's rough even trying to get a kill, you really need to be prepared for some landslide victories until you work out the mechanics well enough. You can't mash your way to victory from what I've played.
Sub-particle 0.76 29th November 2012, 01:33 Quote
I played the Beta and the most frustrating issue for me is trying to recognise which is which when there are two (or more) of the same character in the game as yours.
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