Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PS3

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wuyanxu 1st June 2008, 09:30 Quote
PC gamers may be rubbing their hands in glee
i've been doing this for every RTS/FPS game ever came out on a console.

wouldn't FPS introduce unbalance in PS3 since you can also have keyboard and mouse on it.
Bladestorm 1st June 2008, 11:17 Quote
It's still a shame that they focused more on the Quake part of the name than the Enemy territory part of the name - the original for return to castle wolfenstein is absolutely classic multiplayer fun, if you like your shooters with a little more thought to them than twitch. (where quake tends to be the oposite, sadly)
Gunsmith 1st June 2008, 11:18 Quote
who cares, we've get years of fragged experiance behind us. i say we slap these console tards a lesson and show them who is boss.
lewchenko 1st June 2008, 12:34 Quote
You just saved me £44.99.

I have the PC version and thought it was pretty good. I also think it will be a nightmare with people hosting their own games (16-32 players hosted from one guys mini broadband connection.... Hmmmm).

Sadly, the 360 version is almost guaranteed to work the same way. Its even rarer for 360 games to use server hosting.

And then of course its another FPS on a console.. so you have the nightmare controls. People seem to think that the general public are now OK with this control scheme for FPS games... well wake up and smell the coffee ... we're not.

Another reason to stick to the PC.
steveo_mcg 1st June 2008, 15:09 Quote
It does seem madness to have personally hosted games when severs can be rented fairly cheaply. How many players can one expect to host on a .5mb up stream connection, you'll spend more time playing with/against bots than real people.
naokaji 1st June 2008, 15:55 Quote
wtb: RTCW Sequel...

atleast that would have been a better investment for id than porting Quake Wars Enemy Territory to consoles.
Cadillac Ferd 1st June 2008, 20:13 Quote
Did the kind folk at Bit-Tech give the X360 version a spin? From what I've seen on the internets it's at least a bit better but in the end the game play wasn't that great to begin with. I was really looking forward to Quake: ET because I've been a pretty big fan of the Wolfenstein: ET for a while and I thought fun gameplay + better premise/setting = better game but I guess it was not to be. People should definitely give Wolfenstein: ET a spin though, it's really really a fun game and seeing as how it's free and can run on fairly old equipment there's no reason not to try it out.

Also (just as an aside) do people really struggle that hard with console controls? I spend my gaming time split pretty evenly between computer gaming and console gaming (well just the various flavors of Xbox) and I honestly never feel like the controller is what is preventing a console port from being as good as it's PC counterpart. Don't get me wrong though I've got a very nice pairing of keyboard/mice but the X360 controller is way more ergonomic than they'll ever be and therefore easier to use for long gaming sessions.
leexgx 2nd June 2008, 01:16 Quote
360 is 360 user based host all there games are if the host quits every one is gone (same for COD4) PS3 warhark has its own servers that all run on PS3's but can be player hosted as well

never realy an fan of Quake: ET played the beta my hole clan played it none of us realy liked it (none of us buyed it) was an little buggy as well, guns felt strange never realy worked out the points system so never used any toys and strog could of done with names as well to tell what class thay was

well the keyboard and mouse option on an pc is far better then an console, but there is an option on the ps3 there is an device that you can get that alows you to make an mouse work on games that anoying do not have keyboard and mouse support when thay should (warhark Needs keyboard and mouse and cod4)
Spiny 2nd June 2008, 21:06 Quote
fwiw, I hated the beta too, but love the full game.
pcgamez 8th July 2008, 21:56 Quote
I have the PC version, and like others I got it because I loved the original ET. Honestly I haven't played the new one much, but I do think it is a whole lot better on the PC than on any console (as are most games, in my opinion). The point is, however, that ET was a defining game that perhaps ETQW didn't quite live up to. At the same time I'm sure a lot of hardcore ETQW gamers would disagree.
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