Divinity: Original Sin Review

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Mockingbird 25th July 2014, 14:33 Quote
This is a fair and balanced review, based on my experiences of the game.

Regarding the poke-the-fence syndrome, people have seemed to be falling in either the "It doesn't tell me what to do, then I die, this is not fun" camp or the "I can do what I like and face the consequences, and I love it" camp, so it's nice to see a more reasoned exploration. Most of the time there's a person (e.g. a random guard) who if questioned might say something like "Oh, the undead to the northwest of town seem weaker, somehow" or some other hint, but it's all too easy to miss that in the dozens of lines of dialogue amongst hundreds of characters.

I find the biggest problem I've enountered (and this is really praising with faint damnation) is that I keep re-starting to try different character builds, and consequently never get very far with any particular party.
XXAOSICXX 25th July 2014, 15:10 Quote
Nice review Rick. I was waiting for this before making my decision :)

Gonna pick it up tonight. Thanks!
Lockinvar 26th July 2014, 07:46 Quote
I've been enjoying D:OS immensely over the last week and this review is spot on. For me the highlight is the difficulty of the battles - when you get your ass whooped it forces you to adapt and make full use of the huge array of tactical options available.

However, I restarted early once I thought I understood the system to make a powerful custom pure-fighter/pure-mage synergistic combination - I feel anyone making hybrids or picking non-combat skills may have a frustrating time with the frequent(ly deadly) combat. Perhaps because of this I've had no issues yet with going the "wrong" direction and encountering too high level enemies - they've all fallen before me.

The game's only letdown for me has been the NPC's - your options of companions with actual personalities are limited to two - and both are fairly noxious in my opinion. Larian stated somewhere they wanted to add more post-release but that's doing me no good right now.
Journeyer 7th August 2014, 12:13 Quote
This sounds absolutely brilliant, and I will need to pick this up at some point ... there are not nearly enough hours in a day!
jrs77 7th August 2014, 13:16 Quote
This game is easily the best one released within the last two or even three years.

I've played it through one time allready and just started a second playthrough with a different approach.

Yes, the game doesn't tell you where to go specifically, but all the dialogues give you enough hints to get the general idea of where to go next. And yes you can spend lots of time sorting through the inventory, crafting some stuff etc, but that's the beauty of this game really, that you'll do all this and forget about time, that's called immersion.

A little tip tho... don't waste any time on crafting, just loot and sell everything you can get your hands on and buy the gear you need. I still had 500k gold after I finished the game jfyi.
aramil 7th August 2014, 14:25 Quote
I must be the only person who has played it and went "meh it's OK" lol.

Might get back to it at some point, just did not think it was "all that".

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