Ether One Review

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bigc90210 30th April 2014, 09:22 Quote
inb4 rants about BT reviewers passing comments about being an idiot if you decide to vote UKIP
Guinevere 30th April 2014, 11:25 Quote
I'm not going to rant, but I don't think political comments need to be in BT reviews.

One other thing I'm not going to do... vote UKIP.
RichCreedy 30th April 2014, 11:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Guinevere
One other thing I'm not going to do... vote UKIP.

vote nha party
Spreadie 30th April 2014, 12:05 Quote
Put power in the hands of Racists and Bigots - vote UKIP.

/troll :p

On topic - I'd not heard of this game until the review. Colour me intrigued.
G0UDG 1st May 2014, 08:56 Quote
Well Said Dave, Hmm that game sounds interesting Ill take a look at that
XXAOSICXX 1st May 2014, 16:47 Quote
The game is great. Worthy of your hard earned cash :)
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