DayZ Standalone Early Access Review

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DriftCarl 14th April 2014, 21:46 Quote
when I play solo I say "No more trusting anyone, shoot on sight" but I find myself attempting to make friends as on ones own is lonely. So I make friends with this fellow brit (sounds like a 14 year old boy though) and help him kill a few zombies chasing us with our axes.
He got hit a few times and is bleeding, so I tell him I can fix him as I have a bandage. While my character is in the bandage animation, this kid gets out his axe, and hacks me to death, then takes all my stuff, I didnt have much anyway as I only spawned 10 mins earlier.
So that is the LAST EVER EVER EVER TIME i trust any strangers, until next time...
SchizoFrog 15th April 2014, 03:20 Quote
I get a massive feeling that unless you are very early to the game and/or spend many, many hours playing then you are going to be seriously behind and will just get over run by those who have already built up supplies.
Don't get me wrong, I would seriously like to give it a go as I think that desperate situation and the likelihood of failure would be failure realistic, I just can't justify spending £20 on something that may well get dropped within the first hour or two due to my character being overwhelmed by existing factions.
loftie 15th April 2014, 12:52 Quote
WRT the original mod, I've always liked the idea of DayZ, but never actually enjoyed playing it. I found the mod to be clunky and buggy and I hated how everyone shot anyone they saw. I'll be keeping an eye on the game to see if it becomes a worthwhile purchase, but tbh there are so many other DayZ mods out there I think if I was really interested I would have tried them.

I did buy Project Zomboid though, and while again there 'isn't much to do', I was enjoying it. Far more than I ever did the DayZ mod.
joplin66 15th April 2014, 13:22 Quote
The DayZ mod and the Standalone are two different beasts. I played the mod the other night and it wasn't good times. I would advise anyone interested in DayZ to just put any comparisons out of their mind and try out the Standalone as it's a great experience on a lot of levels and it isn't as hard as everyone makes out as long as you follow these 2 rules.
1. Don't care if you die, you just respawn and loot is everywhere.
2. Never get attached to your gear, you are going to die. (see point 1).
julianmartin 15th April 2014, 15:58 Quote
I wouldn't agree that they are different beasts. The two engines have similarities (both of which are ****, I'm surprised there was no mention of how poorly the game works in this article, to be honest) - the crucial one and most game breaking is hit detection with melee weapons, it's bad in the mod, and in my view, horrendously worse in SA.

It's an amazing concept, the execution is a little off though. The mod can be forgiven for that, given it IS a mod, but SA still feels very clunky, mostly because of fundamental ways in which the engine behaves, so I am very skeptical if it will ever be fixed. The PVP is the only reason to persist with SA once you've got gearing up down to a T (which is quite quick to master), and then it just comes down to gameplay style and whether you like it.
Lockinvar 17th April 2014, 00:16 Quote
Surprised the article doesn't mention how ridiculously clunky the game is to try and control. Everything is a pain to accomplish.
Yadda 17th April 2014, 00:31 Quote
Bimey, first I've heard of this. It looks very stressful.

Instead of mixing it with the crazy people, can you just hide in the woods and eat squirrels?
loftie 17th April 2014, 14:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Yadda
Bimey, first I've heard of this. It looks very stressful.

Instead of mixing it with the crazy people, can you just hide in the woods and eat squirrels?

I hear the Ents frown on you eating their furry friends.... ^^
Yadda 17th April 2014, 17:01 Quote
Originally Posted by loftie
I hear the Ents frown on you eating their furry friends.... ^^

Don't tell me the trees are mental as well.

Ok, how about living in a hole and eating worms?
abezors 22nd April 2014, 16:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Yadda

Instead of mixing it with the crazy people, can you just hide in the woods and eat squirrels?

Eventually yes, as they're adding hunting and campfires / crafting in.. but as for when, I don't know. Rabbits are already in the game (not that you can interact with them) and deer will be, plus there was talk of adding ridable horses too.

It isn't difficult to survive by oneself provided you steer clear of the populated areas (eg the coastal cities of Elektro/ Cherno and the airfields/ military bases). You can sneak your way past players if you're patient enough, but hiding out amongst the interior villages of Chernaurus is your best bet for lone-wolf play.
mrb_no1 26th April 2014, 21:27 Quote
i agree it has its faults, but its not clunky, just learn your config, tab works well and the inventory is simple enough. There is lots of pvp rather than survival as it is but the updates are good and address lots of issues...unlike other very large developers do on other games i play. With better means of transport and the ability to save detail and recover inventory the game will move a long way.


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