The Banner Saga Review

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[ZiiP] NaloaC 10th February 2014, 13:10 Quote
It is an absolutely beautiful game, a few small flaws in the art here and there, but it does not take away how lovely it is to look at.

I really liked the combat mechanics and the story constantly had me second-guessing my decisions. I made some bad calls by being too nice to some characters and I was robbed frequently as a result. I reckon I can safely say that I really was drawn into the story and gave a damn about the well-being of my caravans. Did a few reloads so that I didn't lose my favourite Varl (too much of a combat powerhouse to be able to lose him).

The feels at the end... oh hell.

Cannot wait to see the next installment, this was definitely one of the best games I've played in a while. Thought it pretty awesome when viewing the credits to see how few people were actually in the developer team and then all the Kickstarter supporters listed, really showed what can be achieved. :)
mi1ez 11th February 2014, 01:26 Quote
How did they do in that lawsuit with Zynga?
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