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himaro101 21st November 2013, 10:09 Quote
Well I'm kinda glad i'm currently to poor to afford any games
as i was hugely looking forward to this game myself.
seems to be a dud
PingCrosby 21st November 2013, 10:12 Quote
Frustration?, you think you know frustration? I've just spent the last 4 hours trying to explain the Riemann Hypothesis to my partner who at the end just said ' aw isn't Joey Essex cute in I'm a Celebrity?'.
exceededgoku 21st November 2013, 10:24 Quote
Hmm, I've just started this game and was getting quite excited to flying the massive freighter than Otani possesses.

So this would appear to be an art form rather than an actual game, I'll continue playing but I can't say it's as thrilling as X2 or X3 were...
andreinuk 21st November 2013, 10:36 Quote
I was looking forward to this release after the amount of my life I lost to X3TC.

Guess I'll be waiting a little while to see how things go before I pick it up.

I did have the choice of pre-ordering either this or bf4 as a birthday present and chose bf4. Aren't I lucky.
Pete J 21st November 2013, 10:36 Quote
A completely fair score (though still higher than Batman Arkham Origins :p). The game has huge potential but is a buggy mess and has annoying quirks.

May I suggest a re-review in about six months? Egosoft may have most of the bugs nailed by then.
Panos 21st November 2013, 10:59 Quote
And a re-review on Rome 2. Which after patch 5 has become s**t.
techhead 21st November 2013, 12:09 Quote
Egosoft did drop the ball on rebirth, it is a nice looking game still need a lot of work to make a true X game.
Most of the game crashers have been fixed and start work on getting the bugs fixed. But still the game has a lot of things to offer
AiA 21st November 2013, 19:11 Quote
hmmmm BF4 or this

i think i'll get BF4 now and maybe rebirth later, but im getting to old for tedious stuff now

anyway flying helis in bf3,bf4 beta was fun and enjoyable (:
kosch 21st November 2013, 23:44 Quote
I like reviews in this style! Will purchase in the steam Xmas sale but wont play for a while until they patch it!
Panos 22nd November 2013, 12:03 Quote
The game is patched almost constantly. I believe it is now patch 18 or 20.
Which make conspicuous the review given we do not know at what point of time was take. Release day or after two days patching?

Got it yesterday and works fine. As long as you have 64bit OS and multicore CPU (6+ cores or threads), plays great.
As game is absolutely superb, and can only get better. Funny bit, mods are already out!!!!!
chrisb2e9 25th November 2013, 00:15 Quote
This review, nailed this game.
It's a bad console port. that's been proven by the modding community.
lots of patches are out. slowly fixing bugs....
and lots of mods. some of which make it much better. I have some hopes for it. because... i did spend money on it.... :(
Zurechial 25th November 2013, 12:48 Quote
Fixing bugs is only half the problem and while Egosoft have a really strong track record in terms of continuous patches and content updates ( mostly consisting of work by the modding community, it should be said), the shoddy state of Rebirth is inexcusable - It's worse than any of the previous X games from what I can tell.

On top of that, patches likely won't do much for the litany of poor design decisions in Rebirth that take the game far away from what fans of the previous X games were hoping for.
dolphie 26th November 2013, 00:47 Quote
Sounds crap.

Makes me wonder if that company just has a team of art people to make pretty looking screenshots so they sell a million copies of the game automatically. But the team of people making the actual gameplay is one bloke.

It also made me think that if they are that far off from being able to make a fun game, maybe they should be a different type of company and make the dev tools and sell those. Like with the past games the community remade almost everything to the point where they are only really using the engine and art assets. So instead of making crap games, just focus on making the dev tools for the public to make their own space game.
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