Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Review

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Eiffie 9th September 2013, 18:38 Quote
I would have liked to have heard about any changes the monsters have gone through compared to the first Amnesia. I remember the Devs saying that monsters wouldn't just flee the area if they failed to find you the first time through, much like they did almost all the time in the first game. Has the AI really been buffed up or is it more of the same with just different graphics? Are there exciting chase sequences?
RickLane 9th September 2013, 19:04 Quote
I was trying to avoid talking about those two things too much for fear of spoilers, but I'll try to explain. Obviously, DON'T READ ANY FURTHER if you want to be completely surprised.

If the AI has been improved, the rather linear nature of the game somewhat diminishes it. There are a few areas where monsters patrol around, but they're pretty easy to avoid. There are a couple of really good bits toward the end, however.

As for whether there are chase sequences. Yes there are. As I said, it's recognisably Amnesia, it just all feels rather stripped back.
Eiffie 10th September 2013, 18:39 Quote
Thank you very much for that input, I can understand not wanting to put that in the review itself now that I think about it. A very big part of the first game is the mystery surrounding the horrors you encounter but I thank you for sharing. :D
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