Ten Years On: Knights of the Old Republic

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Yaka 9th August 2013, 12:12 Quote
Originally Posted by bawjaws
I would love this. Now Lucas is off the scene I suppose there's a chance that we might see a DVD release of the original cinema edition trilogy, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Perhaps in a few years, to coincide with the 40th anniversary?

Christ almost 40years? That was fast Makes me feel bloody old
Yslen 9th August 2013, 16:47 Quote
Originally Posted by GeorgeStorm
Originally Posted by Yslen
KOTOR 2 was massively buggy on release, and due to the pressure heaped on the developers to get the game out on time, largely unfinished. Chunks of the game were cut out, and the overarching plot simplified to hide the missing content. After playing through hours of generally very good levels, you reach the most tedious final section imaginable and a confrontation that is so poorly explained that most players don't understand why it took place.

Fortunately, there's a mod to fix all of that.

Anybody playing (or reviewing!) KOTOR 2 today should install that mod first. In my opinion it turns one of the most frustrating games I've ever played into one of the very best.

I don't remember it being THAT buggy.

It had new features which IMO improved on the first, but it also wasn't as good in other areas.
Overall I still loved it, and do intend on replaying it with that mod when I can commit the time I want to so I can just live them both :D

There were several quests you couldn't complete e.g. getting fuel for Telos station, which had a large knock-on effect later on. The bugs were ironed out with patches, but anything that was missing content was left untouched, until the mod community took on the task of fixing it.

It's definitely worth installing the mod for a replay.

The only thing I really feel the second game lacks is a good romance sub plot; the first game options were Carth and Bastilla, both of whom were a little annoying at times but generally well rounded characters that had integral parts to play in the story. The second game romance options felt crowbarred (it's a word, promise) in at the last minute and none of them sat very well with the characters I played.
Snakko 9th August 2013, 19:01 Quote
Originally Posted by rollo
Theres plenty of games that would sell well if they were remade in HD.

Final Fantasy 7 8 9
Knights of the old republic
the jedi knight games
resident evil 1 2 3
Command & Conquer + RA and Tib sun
Homeworld 1 and 2 ( they are been remade )

list goes on and on really

There's a very pretty remake, only available for Gamecube and Wii, called "Resident Evil Remake" (GC) / "Resident Evil Archives" (Wii).
rinseout 9th August 2013, 22:07 Quote
Tie fighter is the best Star Wars game. Here's to wishing in vain for an HD remake.
Yslen 9th August 2013, 23:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Snakko
There's a very pretty remake, only available for Gamecube and Wii, called "Resident Evil Remake" (GC) / "Resident Evil Archives" (Wii).

It's almost old enough the be in need of an HD remake itself, though. The lighting etc was great but the gamecube resolution is a bit painful on the eyes these days. Looked a lot better on my blurry 14'' TV.
[PUNK] crompers 10th August 2013, 08:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Boscoe
There's only lots of light sabers in the newer films because the Jedi exists - the in later (story later) films the Jedi are practically wiped out... I prefer the new films. I don't like old films the shite GFX ruin it fr me.

U trolling or 8 years old?
beef1e 10th August 2013, 23:39 Quote
I see Battlefront 1 and 2 have been missed from the list, i really loved both of these games and played them all the time. They are quite basic compared to the equivalent battlefield games of the time and the later cod series, but that was always the appeal for me. Very easy to have a quick play without the need to level up your player constantly.
Fizzban 11th August 2013, 13:15 Quote
In regards to what the article said about the fight with Malak dragging on interminably - it doesn't have to. It is actually rather easy to take him down if you prevent him from replenishing his health. You simply run around with him chasing you while using an ability like advanced lightsaber throw or force lightning on the pods, thus preventing him for being a big cheater and regening after you just spent 5 minutes bashing the watsits out of him.

Freaking awesome game as is the second game! I've played them both sooooo many times. Hooray for the modders out there! Meant I could get a slightly different experiance each time.
Ending Credits 11th August 2013, 13:20 Quote
Liked the mention of SWGB (Galactic Battlegrounds), was confused of the lack of mention of Battlefront.
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