DARK Review

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PingCrosby 29th July 2013, 13:53 Quote
That is one baddass review, you da **** man
Jake123456 29th July 2013, 14:43 Quote
I was looking forward to this as well :(
Spuzzell 29th July 2013, 15:30 Quote
Ah. So the vampire sucks?
holbob 29th July 2013, 16:37 Quote
Bloody hell, what a pain in the neck. I'm too long in the tooth to play a game like this.
SchizoFrog 29th July 2013, 18:18 Quote
Probably the best start to a game review... ever, and possibly the best of any review.

See now, because of such a great start I was interested to read the whole article not because I was interested in the game (to be honest I had not heard of it before this review) but just to see what else may be said. Thank you. :)
XXAOSICXX 29th July 2013, 20:12 Quote
Bloodlines was (and still is) an amazing game. I'd rather replay that AGAIN than buy this lol.
tad2008 4th August 2013, 12:50 Quote
Until I saw this review I'd not heard of this game I found myself riveted by the reviewers writing and I hope BT will credit the writer with this than just putting it down to bit tech staff.

If memory serves I don't think this is quite THE worst game BT have reviewed as am sure I recall one that got a 10 :D
David 7th August 2013, 10:03 Quote
Epic review. I needed a laugh.

Come on, tell us, who wrote it? The author deserves some recognition for his efforts.
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