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exceededgoku 25th July 2013, 15:44 Quote
Looks like good fun, although bit weird that they've dropped this before any film or associated content came out.

It's like they've marketed it to the comic book readers...
mute1 25th July 2013, 22:45 Quote
I've played it and I would give it an 8/10. I didn't have any real trouble with the PC version either, except the default keyboard controls were silly. Once remapped, they were fine. (And I tried a controller but keyboard and mouse was better for me).

It's funny how the reviews average about 6/10 but there are so many positive user reviews on Metacritic.
Sylvester20007 6th August 2013, 06:58 Quote
I too have played this game and yes, for the most part it is a little repetitive but that is hard top avoid in a character such as Deadpool, he is a Merc, you wount get him doing science type of things, he is a killer, he doesn't have a huge background in terms of story to pull from and this will create a somewhat stale story line.

However, I think he would work really well in a combined game where he does a lot more interaction with other Marvell characters.

I don't like the review that was written above as it seems the writer was trying to take a moral high ground rather than accept that this game was meant to be crude and offensive, childish and silly. I'm curious, was the writer of the review Male or Female? I ask only as it sounds like it might have been reviewed by a Woman and I think its a hard game to review fairly from a female point of view. No disrespect intended.

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