Bioshock Infinite: The 10 things it got wrong

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Waynio 19th April 2013, 09:09 Quote
I haven't 100% completed Infinite but I think I'm close to it but can agree with all those points, still an awesome game but it could have had a bit more awesomesauce squeezed into it.

I'd blame closing guy which bit-tech mentioned recently, the one who was employed to make sure it meets the deadline, likely caused it to have stuff cut out or left incomplete. :(

I'm glad Rockstar know the importance of giving developers needed time to squeeze more awesomesauce into a game, GTA V will be, I can't find an awesome enough word for it lol. :D
Sleepy Ben 19th April 2013, 23:27 Quote
Finished it the other day and I'd say I agree with Ed's points plus I don't think the story is as good as many people seem to think.

It supposedly deals deep issues like racism, religion, redemption and action and consequences yet a young woman who leads an incredibly sheltered life is suddenly thrown into contact with a cold blooded killer and witnesses acts of extreme violence then 30 seconds later she merrily throws the killer a coin and says 'Catch' - at least with 'Dishonored' your actions had consequences and changed how others reacted to you and were shaped by your actions.
Roskoken 20th April 2013, 16:48 Quote
Article should read Ten Things Bit Tech Got Wrong About Bioshock Infinite

Its a masterpiece,

**** you Bit Tech.
sub routine 23rd April 2013, 16:22 Quote
lol and there was me thinking it was just pretty ok. Best fun ive had recently has been dis-honoured by miles.
Shirty 23rd April 2013, 16:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Roskoken
Article should read Ten Things Bit Tech Got Wrong About Bioshock Infinite

Its a masterpiece,

**** you Bit Tech.

Looks like you're on the wrong site there Roskoken, we're nice to each other on here :)
Stanley Tweedle 26th April 2013, 19:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Archtronics
First off Bioshock is the best game I'v played recently its been like reading a good book, good start, little bit slow in the middle but by the end you don't want it to stop.

Story aside I think the gameplay aspect would have really benefited from a Skyrim esque system applied to the game.

For me it's different. I found it boring to start with... the first few hours.... then I started to enjoy it.... now I'm hating it and wondering how much longer it will drag on for.

The boss fights seem ridiculous. The story is... kind of all over the place... so much dialog and it's so much cheese it makes me cringe. I actually don't care what the characters are saying or "feeling". I can't be bothered to engage enough to want to press "F" to comfort the girl when she cries. I hate the weapon vending machine where you have a huge list of weapons and want to buy ammo for the 2 weapons you're carrying but you can't remember what they feck you're carrying... I just want to buy ammo automatically for my gun. Whatever guns I have... I want 1 single ammo buying option. I don't want a list of 40 guns and have to choose the correct one to buy ammo for.

There is one boss fight in particular that annoyed me... huge monkey oaf in diver suit or something and he was after me for ages. Eventually he disappeared after I went in to a building and when I came back out a few mins later he had vanished.

Now I'm at the part where the girl's mommy is being annoying. Spent 20 mins getting killed by her little men only to learn that I can't drain her energy bar... I must go on another quest in order to fix things.

The game is tedious.

I won't be buying another bioshock.
toolio20 7th May 2013, 06:50 Quote
Infinite Disappointment.

Weak endgame aside the original Bioshock had some unique intrinsic elements despite hijacking System Shock 2's core essence. Unlike it's predecessor, however, Infinite is superficial, vapid and tedious, to say nothing of being obscenely overrated - Columbia is neither striking nor innovative, just embarrassingly...stupid (IMO, since the criteria used to judge an imaginary alt-reality universe as such is absolutely subjective).

In fact, all the ending did was make me miss the Rapture continuity, reinforcing the comparative shoddiness of the game I just finished. The only upshot is Infinite in no way detracts from or diminishes enjoyment of the aforementioned preceding games despite it's shameless attempt to ride the coattails of far better fare.

I'll just say it - this was a pretty lousy game, 6/10.
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