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GeorgeStorm 10th April 2013, 21:09 Quote
Originally Posted by mars-bar-man
Sim City - ZiiP link. Worth the money tbh, I've not really been affected by the DRM, once was when my actual internet died on me, and I believe the other was their servers, so I decided to play something else.

Games for fun? You've got to be kidding right? Games must be perfectly polished and pristine in every single way! Look back 10 years, there were never any faults or bugs with games then.. /sarcasm

Available for £30 at the moment from Gamefly, but that's still too much to me considering I've still got some games I need to play etc.
Also check my sig :P
suenstar 11th April 2013, 10:53 Quote
I didn't get the game at launch, so no experience of the initial problems that some of the community experienced. From where I started the game, it's had no real server issues present themselves.

Been enjoying the game so far, probably more so than most games I've played recently.
A few bugs have cropped up which took me a bit of time to think of workarounds, traffic being the most notable.

I think I'm nearing 80 hours played so it has definitely met my requirement of being good value (I paid £34) in terms of how much use it is getting.
It might not be as good value for others since it depends on how much you play/enjoy it but it's been worth it for me at least.

Looking at the score of 40%, while I'd say it was low in comparison to my experiences but can't see any reason to argue against it as it's all a matter of opinion. I wouldn't say it was jumping on the bandwagon like others as there are clearly other people having issues with the game.
The scores on this website do seem to all be out of sync, but I think that is mostly down to a poor (or rather, over simplified) system being used.
It would probably be more beneficial to breakdown the score into different elements of the game with a final overall score based on the average, that way people reading might get a better idea why certain games get high scores that don't match up to the words in the review (as pointed out by Bogomip on the subject of the CS:GO review).

Based on my experiences it currently sits around 65% with potential to improve to the lower region of the 80's depending how long it takes for improvements/changes to be released.

Personally I'm happy with always online requirements, whether it's for DRM or not.
While it can be an annoyance for progress to be lost when my connections drops, I haven't found it to be too troublesome... though that may be due to me being used to dropping from instances on MMO games over the years and missing out on all the goodness of loot.

To answer one of the statements in the review:
"It’s just a shame that the game doesn’t really offer any explanation why working with another person is more fun than working alone."

I'd say the aimed reason is meant to be that it should be more fun to be with friends as you could have a laugh in certain situations, set challenges for each other, and the ability to have multiple cities managed without having to bounce back and forth to load & view them.

Though it wasn't carried out as well as it should have been, the basis for it is there so there's potential for it to be a good multiplayer experience over time. I agree with many that they should patch the game to offer a proper single-player experience in the meantime.

On the topic of the size of the cities.
I'd love for a few options of larger land areas, I do enjoy the challenge of fitting everything into the smaller maps and forcing a trade network but it would be nice to get an option of doing a huge metropolis.
Something that shouldn't be too difficult to implement which could work well would be an option to link plots which are next to each other on the region.

I don't think I want them to do larger cities right now though, simply due to the traffic bug.
If the current issue with traffic is anything to go by, if cities were up-scaled at any level there would be a major problem of never ending traffic spanning the entire road system.

...Unless of course they made it possible for us to add our own connections to the main road, or create our own major roads to connect cities. The former of those two options would be very easy to implement and shouldn't take too much time/man-power to do.
Ergath 11th April 2013, 17:21 Quote
Coincidentally I recently started playing SC4 co-op via dropbox - I'm interested to see that EA have taken a similar angle as the big sell for SC5.

Looking at the review this reminds me a bit of my reaction to the new XCOM game - the devs have preserved many of the themes and positives of the original and obviously introduced shiny graphics but at the same time have greatly reduced the scale and IMO the capacity for flexible and self-directed play.

Add horrible DRM to the mix (speaking as someone who plays offline on the train twice a day) and I won't be picking up this one.

Whether or not I ever buy another EA game at all depends on the approach to DRM taken in BF4.

EDIT: I acidentely s'peld sum werd's rong.
Digi 12th April 2013, 22:35 Quote
Simcity 4 was better in every single regard. They've gone backwards not forwards and they've even added always-on to put the last coffin nail in.

Agree with the article - avoid.
zero0ne 13th April 2013, 07:14 Quote
Did anyone mention the fact that population density is fudged?

when your population is 10,000 , you actually only have something like 1000 actual "agents" doing their thing.

This game is NOTHING compared to Cities XL - check out some of the cities that people make in that game

Seriously, this game was made for ONE thing and that is to sell DLC after they fix the "patches"

The writing is on the wall...

They sold us a DLC platform plain and simple - You get the "privilege" to pay for a game in Alpha status and when it actually becomes version 1.0, expect to see a LOT of DLC content for 5-10 bucks.
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