Ace of Spades Review

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David 7th January 2013, 10:24 Quote
Minecraft with guns = Roblox, for bigger kids :p
greigaitken 7th January 2013, 10:51 Quote
to me, this could do with some sort of turn based gameplay instead - like worms.
Flanananagan 7th January 2013, 11:22 Quote
This game was MUCH better before Jagex bought it over. If I had known this before I bought it on Steam, I wouldn't have bothered. Even though I own it on Steam, I'll still play on beta servers that people still have running, more intense, and jetpacks are silly.
Griffter 7th January 2013, 12:04 Quote
haha skyrim with guns and now mincraft with guns. cant wait for journey with guns :P
greigaitken 7th January 2013, 13:25 Quote
Farmville. With guns.
Griffter 7th January 2013, 14:15 Quote
Originally Posted by greigaitken
Farmville. With guns.

oh my hat!!! will play that!.. will help zinga out of its hell hole.
Nikumba 7th January 2013, 14:35 Quote
Does this have offline LAN play?
Bogomip 7th January 2013, 18:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Nikumba
Does this have offline LAN play?

No... but it will have ;)
S1W1 7th January 2013, 19:05 Quote
I had a phase some time ago (while this game was still independent and in a fairly early stage of development, with basic graphics and only two choices of gun - standard rifle or submachine gun) when I absolutely loved Ace of Spades. I think it was shortly after AoS appeared in the free games section of CPC (although I may be think of a completely different magazine)...

There was a flat island map shaped like a bow tie or an hour glass (called pinpoint, maybe?) where the opposing teams each started on the fat part at either end, and clashed at the tiny strip in the centre - it was epic. The team work was engaging, the construction was inspired, the fighting was fast and ceaselessly exciting. Both sides would build bunkers, and there would be charges which rarely shifted the position of the front line but were always a laugh.

There were numerous other great maps - two tall tower island connected by a bridge (good for tunnelling), and the map with a long corridor (which ran through a huge block tower) connecting two flat bases at opposite poles (good for sniping). I remember the intense tension of tunnelling underneath the enemy's flag, wondering when you were going to run into an enemy or reach the surface.

I came back to AoS a couple of months ago, after a long delay, and it was rubbish :(. Simplicity really did suit that game with its wonderfully bleak graphics. The recent changes and additions have ruined the original multiplayer dynamic which made AoS so authentic and such easy fun.

Rant over, I think...
MiNiMaL_FuSS 10th January 2013, 08:50 Quote
Can you still get the original version somewhere?
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