Fourth Place

Game of the Year 2012 Fourth Place

FOURTH - Borderlands 2

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'Lewd, crude and full of foul-mouthed dudes' - that's probably the best description we've come up with for Borderlands 2, with Gearbox's latest visit to Pandora involving more blood and profanity than ever before. What else did anyone expect of the studio which finally delivered Duke Nukem Forever late last year?

Gearbox's rowdy styling worked far better in Borderlands 2 than it did with Duke Nukem Forever, however. In fact, the sheer out-thereness of characters such as Tiny Tina and the force with which the jokes landed were two great reasons to recommend the game. Well, that and the fact that it had some of the fiercest co-operative action we've been able to find - and enough new guns to make Rambo blush.

As with the original Borderlands, that's only a base for Borderlands 2's DLC to build on too. Gearbox has promised much expansion to the core game in the coming months, with additions such as the controversial Mechnomancer class already taking the series forward onto new ground.

That wasn't all that Borderlands 2 had more of either; there were new areas to explore, new classes to play as and new RPG systems underpinning them too, such as the new Badass Rank. All of this then came together to make Borderlands 2 the de facto co-operative shooter of the year, as well as one that held it's own when played solo too.

In fact, it's perhaps worth noting that while some have labelled Borderlands 2 as being the Diablo of FPS', Gearbox's gratuitous epic managed to accrue twice as much of the vote as Blizzard's RPG. Truth be told, while there was much jostling among the final candidates, Borderlands 2 was a clear lead from the moment the voting opened - though the lead diminished a little as time drew on...