DayZ, and the value of game modding

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Bokonist 2nd July 2012, 08:41 Quote
Dayz is great fun, and a terrifying experience as you say. You sound like you need some new friends though!
Modding is a scene that I would like to get into myself, and the massive increase in sales for Arma II CO, just goes to show that it benefits the devs to support the modding scene just as much as it benefits the gamer.
Griffter 2nd July 2012, 09:36 Quote
yep, but then modders and pc guys get left behind with the latest DLC only for xbox and or first on xbox. persuading players to adopt an inferior product... ala skyrim
MjFrosty 2nd July 2012, 09:48 Quote
DayZ is gold dust in a sea of average commodities. Some run ins with other players have left me with sweaty palms and an air tight passage. Most intense thing I've probably ever played...literally ever :(
Adnoctum 2nd July 2012, 10:17 Quote
And everything you do attracts zombies like flies to a smelly thing. Brutal.
MrDomRocks 2nd July 2012, 11:25 Quote
I have been interested in DayZ for sometime i guess I will persuade the Mumble folks to try it out with me!
glitchez 2nd July 2012, 12:09 Quote
I retrieved my account password just so I could say this, Where oh WHERE is the support for modding that we used to have. What made BF2 the most amazing game. oh gee idk maybe it was the mods?! I seriously loathe how the creativity of the gaming community has been brought to its knees because of the mainstreaming of gaming to consoles. Its as if games are made for consoles with pc's in mind. And that the idea of mod support is secondary to focusing on profits. The major disappointment for me last year was that bf3 was not released with mod support. Imagine a ww2 mod for that game. it would be amazing.
Niftyrat 2nd July 2012, 13:31 Quote
As someone who was heavily into modding with dawn of war, the subsequent release of DOW2 with no mods made me realise that for the companies that make games there is no money in mods, they get some extra sales but these are normally at a huge discount, while mods take away potential revenue from their own dlc or the sequels.

The other big problem is when mods don't get completed and often the people who started a mod won't pass it own to anyone else, this was seen a lot in DOW over units where modded would not share what they had created (as it was theirs) despite the fact there work was often using the commercial IP belonging to games workshop.
shigllgetcha 2nd July 2012, 18:57 Quote
I wish i had a pc and enough time to play this it looks awesome ive watched tons of youtube vids on day-z
S1W1 2nd July 2012, 20:25 Quote
Joe- I can't thank you enough for the recommendation- the Stanley Parable is fantastic.

It took about an hour to play through every possible route, but it packed more depth and meaning into that hour than any full length game I can remember. Incredible.
Stickeh 2nd July 2012, 21:23 Quote
Just played stanley parable, absolutely amazing.
Harlequin 2nd July 2012, 21:30 Quote
just read that DayZ is responsible for a 500% sales increase in Arma2 since march oO

and whens the summer sale :D
Sloth 2nd July 2012, 22:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Harlequin
just read that DayZ is responsible for a 500% sales increase in Arma2 since march oO

and whens the summer sale :D
Count me in as one of those sales. Awesome mod, and will hopefully only get better as it's very new and the patch history is full of updates.
Hovis 3rd July 2012, 01:42 Quote
Games that properly support their modding communities will always do well. Bethesda and BIS being the two best examples of companies that understand this. Developers ignore modders at their peril because for them modders are a win/win. They will fix weak games, they will add free content and they will spread the word. A game like Skyrim or Arma wouldn't have a fraction of the longevity without modders.
silky 3rd July 2012, 04:39 Quote
I have such mixed feelings about DayZ. I love that it's something that you can't really get anywhere else, because most zombie games are dumb, manic shooters, and DayZ is more of a survival type experience. But the hype sensation is starting to bug me because I don't think it's entirely justified. It may well be once it's finished, but not now. I have been trying to understand why people bother playing DayZ and putting all that effort in to surviving and collecting virtual gear when they could just play Arma2 itself, which is better in a lot of ways and a lot more generous. But judging by what people say on the forum, they have never even tried Arma2 and only play DayZ because they followed the hype there. I think it's sad that people just follow the crowds so much these days, because it means lesser known gems are more ignored. It happened last year with Minecraft, and while millions of people were going ape **** over that game, and all the online gaming sites were smugly acting all honorable for championing an indie game, there were countless other lesser known games that didn't even get a look in. It's like the hype breeds more hype and all the gaming sites jump on the bandwagon because there is money in it, making stories about it and catering to the hoardes.

What annoys me the most though, is that the majority of what people enjoy about DayZ, like the freedom to collect and use anything and roaming the extremely vast, seamless countryside, scared of what might be through the next set of trees is exactly what Arma2 has already been providing people since 2009....

There are only really a few differences with the DayZ mod, and when you break it down, there's only one of them which is all that different to Arma2, and that is the sense of paranoia and fear you only really get from a survival horror type setting. I like that, and I'm glad it exists at least. But by playing Arma2 itself, although you might lose a few nice things like the sense of paranoia and the persistant sandbox / second life feeling, you gain far far more. It's really an amazing 'game' and it's just so sad that all this manic foaming at the mouth hype is aimed at a simple zombie survival mod and it feels like such a slap in the face to the gigantic elaborate game which powers it.
Dwarfer 3rd July 2012, 12:59 Quote
DICE & EA should take note. The only reason people still buy most games nowadays is to play MODS such as Project Reality for BF2. If DICE had released MOD Tools for BF3 it would be absolutely fantastic playing PR on that engine!
Stickeh 3rd July 2012, 17:00 Quote
Originally Posted by silky

LWhat annoys me the most though, is that the majority of what people enjoy about DayZ, like the freedom to collect and use anything and roaming the extremely vast, seamless countryside, scared of what might be through the next set of trees is exactly what Arma2 has already been providing people since 2009....

I can't agree with this. I bought arma 2 to play dayz a mod, I had never given arma 2 mod a look in before now as I wasn't interested in a military simulator. But since playing dayz, I will give arma a play through this is nothing but good news for the developer. More sales and a wider audience and increased sales in future with hopefully dayz included into arma3.
silky 3rd July 2012, 23:58 Quote
I think in this case it will be a very positive thing overall. But more sales aren't always a good thing, if for example they decide to abandon their hardcore military simulations in the future and move more towards action horror zombie bashing. Luckily I don't think that will happen because BIS is one of the only studios I have ever known to not 'sell out', but if it was any other company, Arma3 would have been cancelled by now and all resources pumped in to DAY OF DA KILLA ZOMBIEZ! instead.
thehippoz 4th July 2012, 02:15 Quote
have a friend who plays this.. he's always on with a group of rl friends- it's funny cause you can run over your buddies on accident.. they are real careful
BlackRaven 6th July 2012, 14:21 Quote
Companies should definitelly make mod tools available. BIS is a good example and has been for a long time. They always get extra sales from MODs and also will incorporate good mod ideas to the new versions of their games. The ARMA series and OFP before it are really an additional revenue stream for the company as it also does simulations(VBS) for military.
Please check out the FDF mod (Finnish Defence Forces) for ARMA 2 it is a very good mod featuring a full campaign.
Pobatti 7th July 2012, 21:35 Quote
As an owner of a PS3, XBox360 and PC I have seen my fair share of modding and inability to mod. Generally speaking I love mods because they really can improve a game (for example add in features that should have been there in the first place) or bring an old game up-to-date (such as the texture packs for Morrowind).

The problem I have is that, somehow, whenever I mess about with mods it feels like a part of the game dies or it loses it's purity somehow. You see, while simple mods can fix apparent 'flaws' in a game that you would otherwise have to endure (such as a low level cap in a game, small inventory size, lack of fast travel for example), it's amazing how even small changes can totally unbalance the game or alter it's focus somehow.

Many of the mods I've seen are either complete game-breakers (way too easy) or elitist only (way too hard) - the ones I really love are the enhanced graphics mods, or ones that fix simple things that bother me for silly reasons (such as the mods that reposition the items in Skyrim's Breezehome to prevent the chicken legs from falling on the floor and the like).

Whenever I play a game on console, by the time I finish it I'm usually left wishing I had the PC version and could download or make mods for the game. The problem is, if I bought the game on the PC I would never have reached the end, getting either so bogged down in modding that I tire of the game before I actually play, or otherwise tweak things to the point where the game just doesn't feel 'right' any more.

To explain what I mean - just how many PS3 or XBox360 owners bought a copy of Sims 3 and spent the entire time fiddling around building houses and decorating them than actually playing the game how it was intended to be? Customization is brilliant - but it's way too addictive for it's own good :)
Aragon Speed 8th July 2012, 08:57 Quote
After spending nearly 10 years modding games (X3: Reunion and now X3: Terran Conflict), plus using many mods for many different games, I find it incredibly frustrating when I can't mod a game - either myself or using someone else's mod.

EA are the worst offender for this IMO, they are the largest game publisher atm but you cannot mod 99% of their games - not even able to add in your own custom music if you want. The amount of times I have loaded up a slightly older game (1-2 years old) and wished I could add a texture mod to it to bring it more up-to-date... Or just to get better resolution textures so I'm not staring at the console limited textures on new games.

You could mod older Bioware games (Knights of the Old Republic for example), but since EA ate them, nada, zilch, nothing.
TWeaK 12th July 2012, 09:58 Quote
On the subject of modders making games, wasn't BF2 made by modders who built the Desert Combat mod for BF1942? I remember reading that DICE hired from the modding team after Vietnam was met with a bit of a luke-warm reaction.

In fact, I think a lot of the trend towards modern warfare games, as opposed to WW2 era, could be attributed to those modders.
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