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feathers 6th June 2012, 08:04 Quote
Bit tech like this game.

User reviews hate it.

Who to believe?
Phalanx 6th June 2012, 08:14 Quote
Try the demo?
alpaca 6th June 2012, 08:18 Quote
BT nuanced their experience quite well. And they only kind of admitted they had fun. On the other hand, it got an 80%. My guess is that this is a game you have to play for it's good parts, slightly ignoring the bad (or in-your-face-parts). And that is why we look at a professional website, and not at user reviews, for a real breakdown of the experience.

To me, this is not my kind of game. Incidentally, I fire up Burnout paradise for mindless driving, not so much racing.
Bokonist 6th June 2012, 08:38 Quote
I would say that BT qualified their opinions well. Yes the game scored a respectable 80%, but I'm not tempted in the slightest by this one. Dirt 2 is about as arcadey as I'm prepared to go. Horses for courses. Hope they can give Grid 2 a go without overdoing the bombast.
Material 6th June 2012, 09:52 Quote
It achieved what it set out to achieve very well. That doesn't mean you'll definitely like it however.
The_Crapman 6th June 2012, 09:53 Quote
Best way to sum up the game is bloody good fun. If you want to take racing seriously then this is definitely not the game for you. But it is 'smashingly' good fun for a quick blast for venting pent up anger and pant wetting funny if you get your mates involved. Especially if you make a drinking game out of it :-)

EDIT: best drinking game so far is on sumo races, take a shot every time you get knocked out of the ring.
feathers 6th June 2012, 10:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Phalanx
Try the demo?

I did. Before the game was released. The game crashed repeatedly when it got to the driving bit. In other words, never got to play it. Better to download pirate version, see if I like then buy if I do.
Shirty 6th June 2012, 12:04 Quote
Now now feathers, I thought you'd turned your back on your criminal past...

In other news, I won't be buying this game, I've completely gone off OTT arcade racers over the past few years :|
greigaitken 6th June 2012, 13:58 Quote
I dont see why they dumb down the handling from say grid - which is no sim but good compromise for this sort of game. I can ignore commentator if the physics are fun. Guess i'll go download the free demo and test it first
The_Crapman 6th June 2012, 14:34 Quote
Originally Posted by greigaitken
I dont see why they dumb down the handling from say grid - which is no sim but good compromise for this sort of game. I can ignore commentator if the physics are fun. Guess i'll go download the free demo and test it first
Showdown isn't dirt 4, but it's own entity using the dirt moniker to introduce it to the marketplace. Should a sequel follow it will probably just be called showdown 2 and loose the dirt name all together.
think of it more like a 'party driving game'. good fun by yourself, even better against your friends.
Marvin-HHGTTG 6th June 2012, 15:16 Quote
I haven't the foggiest how people can say that Grid had handling that could be dumbed down. That game's driving physics were appalling. Dirt 2 & 3 have much better physics than Grid, and are a nice mix of arcade and realism. Grid is nothing of the sort, just arcade. Burnout can feel more realistic.

As for Showdown, glad it's got more stuff than just Gymkhana and related gumpf because that stuff really detracted from Dirt 3's Rally feel. Flatout was always good fun, and this looks pretty similar in concept...
WildThing 6th June 2012, 16:28 Quote
Nice review Paul, thanks.

IMHO I'm sick of DIRT, it's more GRID I want... :(
greigaitken 6th June 2012, 17:37 Quote
I picked out grid because the destruction derby in that worked well/ You wouldnt want realistic for this game but i dont want micro machines either. - my demo just finished downloading so i'll go see if its as nasty as the users say it is
Omnituens 6th June 2012, 23:54 Quote
why are all your pictures at such an odd resolution (1500x800)?
bushi 12th June 2012, 06:12 Quote
I got it just because it went down to $20 on intkeys.

Yet to play it, but have been waiting for a new game to get my wheel back out for.
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