Rayman: Origins PC Review

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Waynio 11th April 2012, 07:46 Quote
1st comment :)

Been keen on the look of this since I first seen it, looks a lot like oldschool meets new, can't fault a good platformer & looks like you highly enjoyed it, I'll buy it when I'm done modding, tempting to already but want to get my mod done. :D
dactone 11th April 2012, 08:23 Quote
played the demo ,i liked it ! not worth 20 sqid tho .
sandys 11th April 2012, 09:22 Quote
Played the demo, enjoyed it, I'd say it was worth, nice animation, good controls, looks lovely, only reason I have not picked it up is because I am thinking of buying it on console so the missus can join in.
REMF 11th April 2012, 09:50 Quote
it is local play i want the game for, so i will forgive the omission.
Phillthy 11th April 2012, 10:04 Quote
Quite looking forward to playing this, shortly after a Steam sale obviously...
NetSphere 11th April 2012, 10:38 Quote
Played this at a friend's place on the xbox. It's hilariously good. Especially the insane chest-chasing levels.

I'll get this once it hits £10 or below on steam.

Oh, by the way, does this suffer from an always-online Ubisoft DRM?
blinkieleblind 11th April 2012, 11:29 Quote
it's Ubisoft! not touching it even though it looks good...... they are evil :(
Chris P 11th April 2012, 13:12 Quote
Originally Posted by blinkieleblind
it's Ubisoft! not touching it even though it looks good...... they are evil :(

I feel sorry for you, you are going to miss out on a brilliant game :)

I played this on the Xbox and for the number of hours I have sunk in to it it is easily worth £20.

...Especially when I consider my attempts to complete the chest chasing levels. Oh, and there are two endings in the game as well...

...In fact Just saying '60 levels' doesn't effectively portray just how massive this game actually is!
Baguette 11th April 2012, 17:26 Quote
Oh wow...finally a game that makes you laugh and have true fun! There are no DRm problems this time it seems...frankly, you wouldn't even know it was Ubisoft in the first place!

I completely follow that score: worth every cent.

Oh and I'm seriously loving the music...
Eldorado 11th April 2012, 18:54 Quote
Can it be as gamepad-throwingly-frustrating as the original?
If so, I'm in!
The original Ray/Gay-Man was the best platformer I have ever played (sorry Mario/Meatboy)
I never thought much of the 3D incarnation's though.
Like other's said, when I see this for a tenner, it be mine.
SimonStern 11th April 2012, 19:29 Quote
The first page says US Price $19.99 and when you click the link it takes you to the steam page where it's $29.99...
greypilgers 11th April 2012, 22:20 Quote
Joe! What happened to only giving high scores to high-brow, indie, niche games??? LoL...
Are we starting to see the 'real' Joe Martin???
Good variety of review - thanks, chap!
Elton 11th April 2012, 22:43 Quote
Do want. It looks like so much fun.!
jimmyjj 11th April 2012, 23:04 Quote
This is already under £16.00 on Amazon and I expect to see it under a tenner in weeks rather than months. Might pick it up when it's a bit cheaper as it looks fun.
Pelihirmu 12th April 2012, 00:01 Quote
Just today installed the game and have to say it's fun! Fun! Fun! :) Especially on co-op with a girl ;) So lucky that my girl is a gamer :)
erratum1 13th April 2012, 06:10 Quote
Wasn't sure when I first played the demo but after a few more goes I decided that I really like it.

It's nice to have a break from all the violence and blood in so many games these days, and even on my rather old desktop it runs totally flawless !
Sc0rian 15th April 2012, 13:52 Quote
this game is awesome. Although I'm surprised bit-tech have not mentioned anything about the Vita.

This game is made for the PS Vita!
Dilys95 16th April 2012, 02:20 Quote
played the demo ,i liked it ! not worth 20 sqid tho .
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