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eVoPhantom 27th March 2012, 10:10 Quote
Looks like it may be worth a go then, I have recently been hit by the adventure game bug all over again. re-playing the special editions of MI and MI2. Using ScummVM to replay some classics like the Dig, Full throttle, sam and max and my favourite Day of the tentacle. Sadly Grim Fandango seems beyond windows 7 and crashes every few minutes. Also tried to get Space quest 6 going but to no avail.

I have tried playing some more modern adventure games and apart from Vampyre story which was criminally short they lack the magic of the old games. Oh and the Longest journey was brilliant but I just could not get into Dreamfall.
Almightyrastus 27th March 2012, 13:07 Quote
Looks like it could be an interesting one. I have been going through the 2 Still Life games, still working through the second one at the moment and they seem to have the same sort of pace as described here, especially the first one. The second one has a bit more of a CSI/Saw feel.
Eiffie 27th March 2012, 19:53 Quote
I wish I had a better memory of the old point and click games I've played but the one that really stuck with me was Myst. My dad had picked it up and he got me hooked! In more recent years I've played The Longest Journey because it's got such a good reputation and I really enjoyed it. I think there is still life left in the genre of old adventure games that focused more on puzzles and problem solving than your standard platforming action/shooter games.

Also I played an old PS1 game called Sentient when I was younger. It was a mix of point and click and dialogue adventure stuff set on a space station that was falling into the sun and you had to save it by fixing parts of the ship and talking to the crew. The nice part was that things happened in real-time and taking different pathways or talking to different characters would open and close new areas of the game. If I could reclaim a lost game from history, it would be that one. It felt unique and new at the time and it still crosses my mind to this day.
PingCrosby 30th March 2012, 17:27 Quote
mmmmmmmm.......immediate gratification .... I like the sound of that.
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