Why are there no Christmas Games?

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Showerhead 21st December 2011, 00:07 Quote
Originally Posted by DeckerdBR
Hitman Blood Money has a xmas themed level, something odd about assassinating a target dressed as Santa ;)
Even odder is it isn't Christmas themed it's set in May as a tax day party for some reason.
LedHed 21st December 2011, 00:25 Quote
The thing about Christmas and games has nothing to do with the actual theme being in the game. It used to be all your PC games (and anything else that existed at the time of Tandys, back in the days when 7 year olds typed in DOS to play Dick Tracy) were sold in actual stores in actual boxes. Now we can't even get Best Buy to carry 20 PC Games in certain stores. Anyway, I remember at Christmas I would get all the games I've been waiting on and I remember my Dad saying "He'll be set for the next couple hours" after the game was up and running. He was right, I didn't leave the chair except to get ready to leave for my grandparents (I was probably 8 that year I got Dark Forces) Now the closest thing we have to "Christmas Gaming" is the sales that Steam does throughout the Holidays. The thing is, Steam will do a sale for any reason imaginable, but the Christmas/New Years version is normally one of the best.

If there are any games I remember that had a Holiday look to them, it has to be a lot of the Dark Forces series of shooters (and other Lucas Arts games). Especially stuff like Rouge Squadron and other Star Wars games that use Hoth in detail. Actually a lot of Star Wars games are on ice type planets even. Metro 2033 has "snow", but that isn't the type of snow anyone wants to see.
Th3Maverick 21st December 2011, 01:59 Quote

I wonder if I can still find it...?
mclean007 21st December 2011, 05:56 Quote
Never mind Christmas games, why has there been no news on bit-tech since 8 December?!
cebla 21st December 2011, 06:03 Quote
SMIFFYDUDE 21st December 2011, 07:12 Quote
Originally Posted by mclean007
Never mind Christmas games, why has there been no news on bit-tech since 8 December?!

Dunno, perhaps they've spent too much time building PCs for BBC 5 Live (skip to 2:05:00)
Niftyrat 21st December 2011, 13:09 Quote
Originally Posted by RedFlames
I remember there being an Xmas game on the spectrum, you had to land on the roof, make it down the chimney [dodging falling snow and rising flames] then make it from the chimney to the tree without being spotted.

Can't remember the name though

I had that game on tape, purchased for 99p from the local shell garage you had to avoid the presents being dropped by bad angels I think it was called special delivery from memory
Shayper09 21st December 2011, 16:46 Quote
The serious Sam Christmas level with all of the Easter eggs was awesome :)
Blademrk 22nd December 2011, 13:17 Quote
Originally Posted by mclean007
Never mind Christmas games, why has there been no news on bit-tech since 8 December?!

Been wondering that myself. Seems very odd.
nakchak 22nd December 2011, 21:44 Quote
The only good christmas game i can think of is James Pond 2 : Codename RoboCod
Hours of fun on the megadrive with that one, even if u could cheat/glitch the game and pretty much go straight to the last boss without playing a level by going alway to right of screen and stretching ur self upwards
gosh 26th December 2011, 07:10 Quote
might have been mentioned but steam ? they make a game of playing games, often encouraging people to both buy and play games for some seasonal achievement instead of never installing it.
AmEv 27th December 2011, 03:51 Quote
Slingshot Santa, anyone???
DragunovHUN 27th December 2011, 07:00 Quote
There might not be straight up christmas games out there, but PC developers can do something very special instead, something that the movie industry isn't capable of. They can update our existing games with seasonal content. It's a rapidly increasing trend, especially among indies. If you've been mauled by a pack of gingerbread men in Killing Floor, or had to survive 20 minutes of christmas music in Beat Hazard, you're already well aware of this.

And frankly i'm already sick of it. Gaming, my safe haven from the day to day bullshit of the real world, is willingly desecrating itself for no real reason. I can understand businesses forcing the christmas theme down our throats, it's a valid sales tactic, but please if i've already paid for the game at least give me the option to enjoy it without random christmas decoration. Cave Story+ lets players toggle seasonal content, so why don't other developers think of that?
Civ2boss 4th January 2012, 03:25 Quote
There is a legitimate Christmas game: Sam & Max Beyond Space & Time Episode 1 - Ice Station Santa!

Because telltale release games on a monthly schedule, they can do these sort of holiday themes.
eddieuk1983 4th January 2012, 20:54 Quote
Amiga Format did a Christmas Cannon Fodder edition
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