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Guinevere 26th November 2011, 00:07 Quote
Reading the review I felt like giving Mine-craft another go, but the silly website will let me reset my password etc but won't let me login.

Without a help / contact us page in sight I'm kind of stuck. Anyone know a way to resolve these sorts of issues? My username isn't strange, just standard alpha with a single underscore. For passwords it doesn't matter what I do, it'll accept a change but then tell me it's wrong when I try and use it.

I feel like I'm trying to hammer a round peg into Minecraft's extremely square holes!
AmEv 26th November 2011, 00:39 Quote
Guinevere, I'd recommend going to and opening a ticket there.
feathers 26th November 2011, 17:52 Quote
Hello people, I think my head is just about ready to buy Minecraft...

I like the redstone logic stuff as well cos I used to be designing logic circuits back in the AT's
slothy89 28th November 2011, 02:33 Quote
For me, what seems to divide most opinions on Minecraft is the stage in which people discovered it. If you were one of the Alpha adopters, back when Survival mode was very basic and new, then you would appreciate the game that much more than those who picked it up in Beta. Also those who are only now finding it in its "finished" form are getting a "complete" game without having to persist with the endless mandiatory updates that was Alpha/Beta. I quite the above as I feel that minecraft is still a while of being 100% complete. Even notch says so.
But it is compete enough to be called a release.

I agree with Joes review style as too many games are rated far too strongly on their Graphics Quality. Minecraft is not meant to be the next Crysis. It's all about the gameplay, and by not overdoing the visuals, this has allowed them to focus on the game mechanics and how it all works. Which to me is why Indie games even exist. They focus on the functional experience before the superficial.
Raijin 30th November 2011, 02:32 Quote
I got the pirated version first from a friend and ended up burning something like 8 hours building the great wall of china. When i looked up at the clock i was shocked, had 8 hours really gone by that fast? I bought the game the next day. Enjoyed it ever since.
AmEv 30th November 2011, 05:16 Quote
^Yeah, that's how it usually goes.

My friend said he got the pirated version, bought it a few days afterward due to its epicness.
Me? I saw a friend playing it, Alpha 1.5. Wondered what it was.

Beta 1.7 comes out, I finally buy it.
Thacrudd 11th December 2011, 16:32 Quote
Joe, you nailed my biggest complaint with the game. There is no "recipe" book in-game. I have to play, just like you, with mikecraft wiki open in order to get anything done. I love the game, the possibilities are plentiful, but a little direction is what is needed. I mean really, who could EVER figure out how to make an enchantment stand on their own?

I really enjoyed the sandbox nature of Minecraft. To me, it is the momument of content/playability over graphics which is something that I have had a niggle over for a long time. Eye candy is not everything and you can even find beauty and amazement out of what is essentially a bunch of low-rez texured blocks making up a very appealing landscape.

I really like how the purchase and not so in your face DRM system is set up. it's simple and I think that people realized that it's just plain worth the money. The numbers speak for it.

I was also just cheering for Mojang and Notch. They created something amazing out of very little. They were nobodies and made gaming history. The fact that innovation wins over studios with big budgets just makes it awesome. You can't help but be proud of them and I love that they kept the community in touch what they were doing the whole time, even letting the community test pre-releases!

I believe Minecraft brought a boost to the PC gaming world and shows that PC gaming has a very strong place in the industry.

Also, I've had a lot of coffee this morning, sorry for the random essay I just wrote. XD
Bloody_Pete 12th December 2011, 02:56 Quote
Originally Posted by feathers
Hello people, I think my head is just about ready to buy Minecraft...

I like the redstone logic stuff as well cos I used to be designing logic circuits back in the AT's

You'll love the red power mod :D

The thing with it is are the mods. The game itself is great, the mods make it epic! Now mojang have officially supported mods and released the SDK mods will become insane, and the adventure mode will become amazing. Just look at the Yogscast playing Deep Space Turtle Chase to see what you can do with it. I see lots of indi mini games being made with it.

I personally love the AMCO pack and Tecnic packs, AMCO is just too big though. As soon as the multiplayer mods are released and my deadlines are done I'm going to play it again in a big way...
KayinBlack 13th December 2011, 00:31 Quote
People like me might figure out the enchantment stand, I mean I routinely get in trouble for seeing what this chemical and that chemical do, or what happens when you decide to weaponize a dog's wagging tail ( awesomeness, BTW.) Sounds perfect, I should get it.
AmEv 14th December 2011, 01:48 Quote
colethekid100 7th January 2012, 01:58 Quote
Ok so I was on the level were there is suppose to be no monsters! Well that was a big fat lie because while i was digging around on the game a Creeper! Popped up and exploded on me. If the game Level says no monsters it should stick to its words.
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