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feathers 25th November 2011, 11:23 Quote
I have my 8gb 1600mhz 7 7 7 24 ram for sale on ebay. 4 sticks. 16gb 1600mhz can be bought for 70 pound now so it's time to upgrade. I am selling the 8gb because it's 1.6v ram from my previous mobo + cpu. Waiting for my i5k and Asus z68 board to come. Been 3 years since mobo and cpu change.

Never had an x58 system but really I should have chosen that over the P55 + i7 860 I chose 3 years ago especially since I am now running SLI although apparently dual x8 isn't much of a performance drop.

The i5 K will be my first ever unlocked CPU.

Regarding NFS game, shame it has been consolified even though it was sold by EA as being the second in a line of true PC games using frostbyte 2 engine. I guess if u give game development to anyone who develops for consoles what u end up with is something damaged and inferior.
wst 26th November 2011, 13:00 Quote
9/10 is a bit high for this ... unless the scale goes from 7 being mediocre to 10 being good...
greigaitken 29th November 2011, 21:45 Quote
handling sucks - i dont know if i expect too much but why not just use shift 2 physics while not perfect are way way better than this handling mush. even pgr seems sim-like in comparison
gameplay - cops speed past you will you doing 220mph in your top tier supercar. mobs gang-filled suvs just as speedy. Once i crashed to a near stop 4 opponents wizz past, 20 secs later i'm 1st again.. you cant lose
so glad i borrowed this from an internet friend
AlienwareAndy 30th November 2011, 18:24 Quote
Originally Posted by gabe777

No ockpit view and 30 FPS stutteration... 9/10 ?


You know I pinched myself, cleaned my glasses, checked the URL was correct and then just to be sure had a look at the calendar on my PC to make sure it wasn't April.

Heck, I even read some of the review and there was no mention of the problems this game has (which there are many) or the fact it is a console game.

Or the fact that the entire opening sequence is a game of Simon.

Now to be completely serious.

I am cancelling my monthly subscription to Custom PC. I do not like corporate brown noses who lie.

This isn't a review written by a reviewer, it's a sales script read by a salesman.
Nenad96 28th April 2012, 22:48 Quote
Originally Posted by damien c
Got this running and I have to say the game is aimed purely at online play, simply because the story can be finished in less than 3 hour's.

The graphic's are no better than the previous game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010, other than the effect's of the enviroment being better and looking quite nice.

I have to say I am disappointed with it especially seeing as even with a SSD and a decent chip etc, it still takes ages to load the next race and the game is locked at 30fps and sometimes it stutters right at a important turn etc.

The lack of options for audio I think is a joke, as I like to turn the in game music up and the engine noise down abit so that I can hear the music more however with this game, you can barely hear the music in the game over the noise of the engines.

The engines sound nice and the exhaust's sound throaty on the muscle car's, but the handling is abit hit and miss for me.

While I cannot understand why people would actually use anything but a game controller for this game, the lack of Keyboard support that I have heard off is abit stupid I think as well as some people may want to use the Keyboard instead of a controller why I don't know but some people may want to so the option should be there for them.

Once thing I have found is that before I race I have to reset the button's on my controller in the game as they reset to the default setting's everytime I close the game and open it again.

I just wish they would make a Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 with the same arcade style of never breaking car's, and being able to choose body kit's etc because while I like the new games I just have that itch that cannot be scratched to play something like NFS Most Wanted again, because quite simply I cannot play that game with large black bar's down the side of the screen because my resolution is to high for the game.

There is NFS Carbon to try and scratch the itch but, to be honest it just doesn't do it as there's just something missing there that doesn't quite do it.

1.u can play with controler but transimisiom will be manual,u can play with pc wheel, laptop spec.
Tosiba satelite c660,intel i5 dual core 2.30 to quad core,ram 4gb,64 bit,graph.nvidia g-force 8800 + 2gb,shader 4.1.
The game is runing on ultra,but he works on 0 and 1 cores,i have 0,1,2,3,4,i disiable 2,3,4.where i to download a patch who disiable 30fps? am nenad96
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