Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

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misterd77 11th November 2011, 12:09 Quote
this game was made for consoles, hence the 6gb file size, bethesada is sick of piracy, hence the massive advertising budget for the xbox version, a dozen times yesterday i saw the live action trailer for the xbox, and a couple too for the ps3, is the sdk being released so we can mod it ?, I bloody hope so......
Mentai 11th November 2011, 12:18 Quote
I've been playing this all day and am quite impressed. I really didn't like oblivion, but this resolved most of the issues I had with it. Things like wax face NPC's etc. The melee combat still isn't great but speccing as a mage is very fun with the dual wielding of spells. I also haven't encountered a single bug or crash in over 7 hours of play which is a first for a bethesda title. The graphics are as good as DX9 gets, which I know for some of you is not good enough, but I don't think texture packs will really improve that much. It has a quite an immersive atmosphere once you consider the experience overall instead of nitpicking about a low textured rock you came across off the beaten path.
Jedibeeftrix 11th November 2011, 12:47 Quote
"I've been playing this all day and am quite impressed. I really didn't like oblivion, but this resolved most of the issues I had with it."

I didn't either, so that is great news. thank you.
Hazda 11th November 2011, 12:54 Quote
Aaaaaaahhh, need to wait for a new graphics card for this game or i'll ruin it :(
stefan442 11th November 2011, 14:17 Quote
ill purchase this next week at some point. Looks good, and its something different from my normal fps/rts games.

My first dive into elder scrolls.
soviet_ 11th November 2011, 14:28 Quote
What an ugly looking game.

Suppose it doesn't matter because everywhere I look it seems this game is a bit of a gem. Shame that it isn't built on a pretty engine.
thehippoz 11th November 2011, 14:58 Quote
some shots I took.. in case anyone thinks it looks like ass, the beginning was perfect.. felt like I was in a horse drawn carriage waiting to get fleeced!
Hovis 11th November 2011, 15:04 Quote
I think it looks amazing. Are my standards really that low these days. :(
stefan442 11th November 2011, 15:13 Quote
he has big guns
yassarikhan786 11th November 2011, 15:18 Quote
I'm not a big fan of how it looks but the game play is what matters :).
Fizzban 11th November 2011, 16:08 Quote
I'm going to wait until the modding community has tweaked it sufficiently before I grab it. It will cost less then too. Win, win!
thil 11th November 2011, 16:20 Quote
Originally Posted by Kiytan
I Think the fatality/finisher attacks are all from first person, could be wrong,

You are :). I've been playing it, and every now and then, it happens.

The game is a bit too over-animated for my liking.
Blazza181 11th November 2011, 17:18 Quote
Thank god my birthday isn't too far away.

Madness_3d 11th November 2011, 17:30 Quote
Game runs well on my GTX 480 in my Desktop and on my GT 540M in my laptop. Mediums with 4x AA at 1366x768. Can't complain :D
Picarro 11th November 2011, 17:34 Quote
Just installed my copy. It's GREAT! I really like it.
GravitySmacked 11th November 2011, 17:51 Quote
I'm a few hours in and so far so good.

It has a very Oblivion like feel (expected I guess), graphically is decent and I can play maxed at 1680 x 1050 with my overclocked GTX 560ti; not as much eye candy as I was hoping for but still non too shoddy.

Dual wielding is excellent and, as a mage, I feel like the Emperor from Star Was striking my enemies down!
rogerrabbits 11th November 2011, 18:26 Quote
I hoped you would have given it a 55% like it deserves :( Like the new CoD.
Eiffie 11th November 2011, 19:21 Quote
In response to the quest about ever seeing such a pretty talent tree, yea I have. It's called FF-XIII and their talent tree's are prettyyyy.
Waynio 11th November 2011, 20:28 Quote
:D Too right 95% although I think it deserves 100% :D I was initially too excited expecting it to be way better than I anticipated so wasn't as blown away as I thought I'd be at first but man, the more time I spend playing it the more I'm loving it, freaking awesome game & looks gorgeous all over, caves, dungeouns landscapes buildings, wildlife npc's it all looks great, voice acting works great for me.

GOTY for me so far & it is wonderfully stable had no problems throughout, I heard of the beta drivers by nvidia but I'm still on the last official ones, playing maxed out on 1080p @120hz & get tearing so a very well made game.

I won against the first dragon but got my rear whooped badly by an angry bear, could hear the grizzly git but couldn't see it & when I did was like ohhh sheeeet ruuuun :D, couldn't outrun it though, so fast at charging, tried running for my life but had to face it & get mauled & that was with refilling my health twice with potions love this game .
PingCrosby 11th November 2011, 21:32 Quote
Wow, who would've thought they could make a game about a window cleaners cloth?
barrkel 11th November 2011, 23:16 Quote
Having played it for about 4 hours: the control / menu / HUD system is a bit of a disaster.

The Map is almost unusable. A straight-up JPG would be more usable; as it is, merely scrolling around will cause you to zoom out as the camera "hits" mountains; and the more you zoom out, the clouds obscure your view! Since I have the Steam version, I don't get recourse to a physical map.

Worse: you can't rebind all the keys consistently. The Map and Favourites menu keep using WASD, even when you're not using WASD for movement. This makes the Favourites feature unusable; and since you can't bind weapons, spells etc to numbers, it is an infinite pain to switch.

It's pretty clear that the HUD was designed for the console and hacked to work for the PC; it has two inconsistent "item selection" highlight mechanisms. One is based around using the movement keys to select an item, and causes the selected item to be rendered in larger text and a bigger margin-space; but since PCs have mice, there is a second one based around mouse hover and clicking, and it's rendered by drawing the menu item in white. So depending on what order of operations you used to select a menu, it looks like there are two different selected items - the white-text mouse one takes precedence.

Trying to scroll the graphical display settings menu (the one with all the sliders for view distances) is a similar disaster; the mouse wheel is used for both scrolling the list of sliders up and down, and, if you reach the end of the list and the mouse cursor is over a slider, the mouse wheel now controls that slider itself! The net result is that if you simply casually scroll through the display settings, you end up randomly changing various sliders!

And graphics bugs: there's an horrific decal texture problem with the game on my 5870: as I move around interior rooms that have moss or other decals on the walls, they randomly shimmer in and out of existence and different levels of detail. At one moment, the room is bare; move the mouse view a fraction, and there's moss everywhere.

If you can ignore the decal texture problem (or it doesn't occur on your hardware), and don't have to change weapons / spells too often, you can get an experience reasonably similar to Oblivion, however. It's not all bad, not by any means. Just annoying enough to break immersion, and cause me (for one) to not want to play it for a few days.
Picarro 11th November 2011, 23:36 Quote
I can't seem to kill the Ice Troll so I simply ran past it but now my helper is dead :-(
GravitySmacked 11th November 2011, 23:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Picarro
I can't seem to kill the Ice Troll so I simply ran past it but now my helper is dead :-(

I blasted the crap out of it with my fire spells, finished it off nicely
Skiddywinks 12th November 2011, 05:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Worth waiting for an UltraHD texture pack and more patches?

I'm not in a huge rush.

This. This all over.
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