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Mentai 12th October 2011, 08:24 Quote
"such as the improvements to the shadows and lighting engine compared to the previous id Tech 4 engine"

I completely disagree. There isn't any dynamic lighting, all shadows etc are pre-baked. It's a step backwards from id Tech 4.
MadMinstrel 12th October 2011, 08:37 Quote
So where's the technical analysis? Any random monkey could turn vsync on and off and complain there isn't any difference in the screenshots... In an analysis I expect to read not only what happens, but also why.
t.y.wan 12th October 2011, 09:10 Quote
Is it really that hard to enable more options in the graphics options menu? Anti-aliasing as Low, medium and high? really? Is it just too difficult to put in 0x-16x? Mechanics, is it that hard to put in an option for turning off aim assists? Is it possible to have a better sensitivity option???
Is it even possible to have more realistic damage of weapons? Even just in singleplayer??
I have seen enemies taking 3 shells to put down or I can just use a wingstick to one shot him or a whole clip of assault rifle rounds onto his face?? Really?
I am quite disappointed...
l3v1ck 12th October 2011, 09:24 Quote
To be honest I'd settle for the poor textures etc as long as the game play is good. I still enjoy playing old games with poor graphics by todays standards simply because they are fun to play (eg Far Cry).
scott_chegg 12th October 2011, 09:25 Quote
Totally agree. It doesn't ever look really bad but at the same time it doesn't ever look amazing. The pop in is only slightly noticeable on my system running with the 8k config file and everything on max. It runs amazingly smooth. The game play however is utterly superb and for me that's the most important thing. I'm only a few hours in but I'm totally loving it. Hopefully the cross fire support is arriving this week so I don't have to keep turning it off to play.
musicrab 12th October 2011, 10:36 Quote
I've got a lowly E5800 CPU (@3GHz) and ATI HD4800 (512MB). Ok, this is pretty near the min spec but the game plays fine. A bit of texture pop-in but its bareable.

Is it a good game? Its a great game. To be honest I'm not a great RPG fan and would quite happily select the "go to next shooter level" button but I guess that would reduce the length of the game somewhat.

The attention to detail with the mini-games is quite amazing but not sure if that's the best use of development effort.

And finally the graphics. With my low-end system I will put up with the quite horrible close-up textures. These really show up indoors but I will bite my lip and get on with what this game does best - 1st person shooter action.

I DO really feel for the people with uber-rigs who also have to look at these terrible textures and question Carmacks inability with idTeck5 to allow these textures to be displayed as these people expect.
Paradigm Shifter 12th October 2011, 11:06 Quote
I can't say that Rage, as an idea, drew me in. The graphics are OK, but aren't anything to be wowed by (like Crysis was, Metro 2033, etc) what little I've seen of the game lends me to think it's not worth buying until it's a maximum of a tenner, possibly even a fiver.

I'm curious, but can't help but feel that Quake, Quake 2 (which I really liked. ah good times in Q2DM1) Quake 3 and Doom 3 were far better achievements than Rage. :(

Maybe I actually need to play it, then I'll get drawn in... maybe.
Bauul 12th October 2011, 11:16 Quote
It's such a shame, because the idea is sound and quite revolutionary. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any other engines that can tweak the textures on the fly to maintain frame rate.

What a bummer they so badly botched up the execution though!
bosstag 12th October 2011, 12:11 Quote
@musicrab - good to know you can run it, I have a similar spec (E6600 @ 3ghz, GTX285)

People with consoles are used to shabby textures, and to be fair with my spec I was hardly likely to see top-end performance, but I'm disappointed anyway. I need an upgrade, and Rage was a game I'd been looking forward to for ages, but now it's here and the graphics aren't up to much I doubt I'll bother with the upgrade. actually id have saved me money!
austinmain 12th October 2011, 13:40 Quote
I installed Rage on my meagre E660 Core Duo with an ATI Radeon 5770... absolutely unplayable with single digit framerates... what's this I thought - no means to alter the graphics settings? I thought I must have missed something so I spent a while digging around to find the settings, but no sadly I was right the first time. Well, I had been eyeing up an upgrade anyhow so I bought an NVidia 570GTX to see what would happen... Well, that did the trick! Smooth playable and nice to look at too. But not is all well; lots of graphical glitches with the latest approved drivers and the two subsequent beta drivers as well. A mate of mine has the same issues with a higher spec machine than mine. I get occaisional lockups, tearing and other graphical anomolies... bit dissapointing from that side of things, BUT, I can put up with all that (I am sure a patch/drivers will come out to fix these issues soon) because the game is AWSOME! I love it; I haven't had as much fun since Borderlands was released and that is saying something becasue I love Borderlands.

If you haven't tried Rage and you like shooters, get a copy soon - it is fantastic fun.
Ayrto 12th October 2011, 13:53 Quote
The criticisms have probably been overly harsh, but when Carmack took centre stage for this title I think everyone expected something very special for PC, this time around from id . Carmack has since admitted that if PC had been primary platform then id could have, "unquestionably provided a better experience".

These days, people are a bit more savvy to ports and the missing PC features that multi platform usually entails. Take the low res textures and the non GI lighting system , better to be using dynamic lighting instead of pre-baked and high res textures. These two things alone could have had a huge impact on graphical look and quality on PC.

Carmack is quoted as saying:
"My development system now has 24 threads and 24 gigs of memory, and we can start putting on half a terrabyte of solid state drives, and these are the things that are gonna drive the development process on the PC. I’m actually as excited about how we’re developing the titles in this coming generation as the graphic enhancements and things that I’m gonna make"

So who knows?
Ciber 12th October 2011, 14:23 Quote
Well if the game isn't cutting edge graphics I'm not paying cutting edge prices.
jimmyjj 12th October 2011, 18:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Ciber
Well if the game isn't cutting edge graphics I'm not paying cutting edge prices.


I am not paying full whack for a game only to have to make a custom config file just to get it to work properly.

Couple of patches and a steam sale down the line and I will pick it up.
philheckler 12th October 2011, 18:40 Quote
Was going to be a day one purchase for me , glad i cancelled the pre - order - will get it in a few months when its cheap..
Huxen5 12th October 2011, 21:33 Quote
Technical problems aside the game is very fun, one of the best I've played in ages. The screenshot's don't do it justice, the animation and level geometry are excellent, cool characters and shotgunning a mutant in the face as it runs at you is very satisfying. Yes if you look closely at a wall or floor texture alone it looks poor but when an entire scene is taken as a whole it looks great. I nearly didn't buy it because of the negative talk online but I'm glad I did.
Huxen5 12th October 2011, 21:38 Quote
I'd like to reiterate that the characters are fascinating, clearly a lot of work has gone into making them unique and interesting and as far from cookie cutter clones as you can get.
tupera 12th October 2011, 22:28 Quote
Quote, "You can choose to design a game around the specs of a high-end PC and make console versions that fail to hit the design point, or design around the specs of the consoles and have a high-end PC provide incremental quality improvements,' says id Software's John Carmack. 'We chose the latter."

Translate - screw you PC gamers! (Even though it was PC gamers who got us filthy rich). We're in it for even more money!

Not that I'm surprised, but I guess it's refreshing to finally see a company admit they don't care about the PC market anymore in lieu of making more money in the console franchise.
memeroot 12th October 2011, 22:55 Quote
I really am enjoying rage personally - its a bit like a 20 min rollercoaster.

I do wish there was a story etc.. but what can you do...

please someone do a game that makes me go wow those graphics are amazing - but the last game that did that was crysis (and before that doom 3 and hl2)

at present I want that 5 mins of fun... and some tits please ;-)
wardogz 12th October 2011, 23:53 Quote
Well the game worked fine from the off on my system, patched it and now it even looks a BIT better, point is, yeah it was made for consoles, I don't own a console, i'm 48 and have been gaming on pc's i've built myself for as long as I can remember, BUT, consoles are where the kids money's at ( the money we as parents STILL have to fork out). Regardless of whether we made the industry as profitable as it is today, were playing 2nd fiddle now, i'm disgusted too, there is no loyalty where the mighty dollar is concerned, but its a fact of life, and I suppose we've no choice other than to suck it up, because any boycott or mass piracy would just encourage them to stop developing for us at all sadly.
r3Q 13th October 2011, 02:14 Quote
the game crashes every time i exit the arc. i have a medium spec rig - amd phenom x4 3.2ghz, geforce 550 ti 1gb, 16gb ddr3 ram, ect - and i have not even been able to play 5 minutes of the game. i have scoured the internet for solutions and tried them all. from config tweaking, using win vista versus win 7, graphics drivers, random tweaks on the nvidia control, all sorts of nonsense. im about to format the drive and reinstall win7 and a clean download of rage and its patch with just the nvidia beta drivers. if it does not work after this im going to be real pissed and wondering how i can get my money back. i am a long fan of id games, and Bethesda games. this has been the worst pc experience of my life, and ive been playing pc titles since commander keen, rise of the triad, duke nukem 1, even gorillas for msDOS - all the way through quake1-3, doom(s), tribes, or whatever else. this is so unbelievable i dont know how to react.

all i know is that im severely upset with the whole situation and i have a hard time arguing why pc is better than a console these days...
kzinti1 13th October 2011, 03:40 Quote
It says "Adjust the slider until the logo is just visible."
What logo? Where is it? Regardless of how I set the slider there are far too many areas in this game that are too dark to do anything with.
After playing it a while I find the game too linear and the corridor too narrow. I've gone back to areas I've cleaned out, found that they weren't repopulated, yet they had items that would've easily been seen the first go-round but there isn't anyone left to have placed them in a wide open space where they would been seen and grabbed to begin with.
I really liked this game but the further I go through it the more it seems that Carmack himself has become less lucid and lost his, and the games, focus.
Elton 13th October 2011, 08:14 Quote
Interestingly I'm waiting for a texture pack to come out. I'm sure it will, just like Doom 3.
technogiant 13th October 2011, 08:48 Quote
I was hoping for more in depth tech make no mention of enabling texture caching on the hard drive which is a major contributor to preventing popin.
Is there any way to disable the games auto balancer as I beleive this is what continually makes the ingame settings for vsync default to "off" you forgot to mention that vsync also has a "smart" option.
In any event the vsync doesn't stop screen tear...but perhaps that's because I can't get it to remain on :-/
Nanu 13th October 2011, 12:03 Quote
Am i the only person with a gtx 580 banging my head in frustration waiting for a new title that actually stresses my system??

Crysis is still probably the best looking game I can find, and that's 4 years old now.

The phrase 'dude what the hell' comes to mind.

I was massively disapointed by the graphics in rage, however as a game, it's simply excellent.
OI 121 13th October 2011, 17:36 Quote
I purchased Rage Release Day...4 cash.!! Took about 90min to load?!-Steam, Disk, Whatever-yeah,I get it..STEAM ARMOR Protects Developer, Dig! All this while and a YEAR + WEEEEKS of anticiption, LOGON and my heart sinks below the Floor, all my saving , all of my respect, for Carmach-- and his supposed Nerdy Genious-- is SOO great but his Candor of Blame is disgusting..I have scoured and scavenged the Net for a droopy teet of info to fix this nightmare of a release..
I work two jobs; I have 4 children; I own my home; I own my car and all the other RESPONSIBILITIES that I share with the rest of the Industrialized world..Yes, I also own a console XB,; I never use it. My daughter uses it for XB Kinect and Virtual Clothing that's it..the rest of us literally 'time' each other for use of this gorgeous Desktop-the parts sits on a 2x8, it looks like a naked life support machine... I put it together; and me being - Poppa, get to teach these rowdy youngsters about Fabled Zombies, Witches, Demons, Monsters, Knights, Kings and Queens, Religion, nothing better than Micro managing Agriculture, Virtual Population Growth, Virtual Economies, Money and GOld- All done through Gaming and its Platforms. What am I getting at, I am long winded, but sometimes searching for solutions to purchased problems is inspiring, but Rage is a complete nightmare; I believe that this is a manufactured problem solely used on PC to protect interests away from pirating...Smart move?! Well, personally, I look to different information centers for not so reputable solutions. I cant believe that I should have to-- considering.
Those of who know the pc , AS Mr Carmach does!, knows that a great game WILL prosper even if PIRATING Targets a release,... as Rage has now achieved. 9 days out and still No fix!! I cannot fix this quagmire; I cannot return it, and iI will not-- only to turn around in due time just to make a friggin point..I am beyond angry. This here on 'bit-tech' is as close as I can get to voicing my frustration, thnkyou bit-tech, you are awesome.Mr Carmach should get off his blame game and fix this rerleased trash so all of us can move on...All of this to save a few bux, yes, it may be millions, I have no idea, I do know marketing , and one of his minions whispered a bit too loudly.. Whatever Cash infusion he may have had, even if those awful Scalawags ripped Rage a new one, will now be on purpose..So congrats, Mr Carmach, pirating is terrible; you may have now made it worse for you and your agents; you may only get a cold, but I hope you get sick...SOB
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