Video Game Heroes and Game Music

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Zurechial 10th September 2011, 13:25 Quote
Sounds to me more like the wrong games/songs were chosen rather than anything to do with the suitability of game music to an orchestral rendition.
Blackshark 10th September 2011, 14:56 Quote
I listened to something similar but it was ended up mostly being console stuff, 3 tunes out of a 2+ hr concert.
Gunsmith 10th September 2011, 14:58 Quote
i saw videogames live back in 09, was surprisingly good.
Paradigm Shifter 10th September 2011, 14:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Zurechial
Sounds to me more like the wrong games/songs were chosen rather than anything to do with the suitability of game music to an orchestral rendition.
That's the feeling I get, too.

Looking at the set list, I find myself unimpressed.
edzieba 10th September 2011, 16:07 Quote
Those weren't just creaking ratchet-lights: they were actually miked up! Or more likely, two stage mics were poorly aimed and caught the edgemost light on each side. You could hear them loud and clear over the PA, very distracting. Apart from that, and the mixing being a bit weird (strings mics WAY down, drums overpowering everything else whenever played) it was a pretty good evening. The one track from the CD they've released so far doesn't have either of these problems, so it was probably just someone mucking up the desk on the night.
timmythemonkey 10th September 2011, 19:01 Quote
That ratchet was very annoying! A poor show on the lighting compared to VGL which has been held in the same venue. The staging of the performance felt very rushed.

Some odd choices for the music, but the Bond piece came across very well, and it was nice to see a Final Fantasy tune being played that wasn't One Winged Angel. I wonder what happened to the CoD pieces, maybe Activision did not play ball with the licencing, but it seems a bit odd as they were able to play a piece from WoW.

My (non-gaming) but very musical girlfriend struggled to tell when some pieces finished as there was almost no pause between some of them, something the orchestra and conductor should have known better than to do. Also, maybe this is just a thing with me, but I don't like having to applaud for an "encore" of music which was scheduled on the programme. If we’ve liked what you had to play, then give us something unexpected and enjoyable to end the night on, or at least some more of one of the night’s big hitters!

C+, it was a good night, but should try harder. Hoping VGL returns to UK shores for 2012!
Eiffie 10th September 2011, 19:01 Quote
+1 point for mentioning Enemy Zero. Great game that almost made me poop myself as a kid.
sotu1 10th September 2011, 22:16 Quote
Yeah but I heard Battlefield was played. So disappointed I missed that! It's essential the right blend of pieces from games are chosen. Unfortunately for something that's as mainstream as games are now it's essential for a public event like that to have a set of highly recognisable or recent pieces.
KENJI 11th September 2011, 02:24 Quote
OMG, I work there and I missed it lol. No-one told me about this lol. I was working on those days aswel.
Tyinsar 12th September 2011, 16:19 Quote
The problem is that a lot of game music is great in context - it adds a lot to the atmosphere of a game (if done right) but sometimes sounds odd on its own. I remember loving the music in "Secret Weapons Over Normandy" but being disappointed by the soundtrack (the only game soundtrack I've ever gone out and bought) - it lacked context outside of the game.

Having said that I really like much of Jeremy Soule's music from Guild Wars. Many of those pieces stand on their own very well. I imagine a lot of his other work does as well.
play_boy_2000 13th September 2011, 00:41 Quote
I saw videogames live, and they had a huge screen with gameplay videos running for the majority of songs (I'm guessing a few publishers were pricks and demanded too much $, for what amounts to free advertiseing).

I personally thought it was a pretty good show, dispite not recoginzeing even half the music.

Also saw went to see 'The music of Star Trek' a while back as well, and it was awesome, espically with John de Lancie and Robert Picardo as MCs :D
[USRF]Obiwan 13th September 2011, 12:16 Quote
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