Sengoku Preview

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urobulos 25th July 2011, 23:33 Quote
Wow. all day 0 comments vs 49 in a WoT competition thread :( makes me a bit sad as this seems to be a potentially decent game. Though I have to say I don't play Paradox games the way I used to (played EU2/3 with expansions and HOI 2 to death). Maybe it's just the lack of time or maybe it's because I got burned a bit on HOI 3 and Vicky 2.
Sethva 26th July 2011, 00:36 Quote
Looking quite forward for this! I love paradox interactive games and this one together with Crusader Kings 2 are on my to buy list. Actually skipped out on Shogun 2 because of this, usually tend to play campaign more then the battles in total war, anyway. If only they could combine the battle engine of total war with the campaign and diplomacy of these paradox games...
hirezo 26th July 2011, 01:16 Quote
looks good!

wonder what happened to age of empires? :S
CowBlazed 26th July 2011, 20:05 Quote
Joking hopefully. Microsoft bought it and then shut down the studio.

Age of Empires Online freemium game is the end result.
Sensei 2nd August 2011, 12:26 Quote
This sounds like a dream game to me. Loving Shogun 2 at the moment so wondering if this will be any match for it. Looking good so far
Fizzban 4th August 2011, 17:09 Quote
ANOTHER strategy game... *yawns* It sometimes feels like that is the only thing ever released on/for PC's.
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