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Bendill 4th April 2011, 14:37 Quote
I play it and I like it. It's a new experience using tried and true game mechanics. It still has a few years to catch up to WoW in content, but they've already started on that...
niro 4th April 2011, 15:17 Quote
I've been tempted to pick it up numerous times now, especially as you can get it as low as 17quid at times, and as this article says you probably would get 1-2 months of gameplay until you get bored, which is about the average time I play a new MMO before I get bored.

I think it's seeing the videos and anticipation of Tera and GW2 that has stopped me from buying Rift.
Ph4ZeD 4th April 2011, 15:32 Quote
Keep hearing so many good things about this game.
Canon 4th April 2011, 15:51 Quote
I read some of the character information pages and various other things on their site prior to the final beta stages and I was left in a vegetative state, brought on by boredom. It was just the usual MMO repro mumbo jumbo and sounded like they who wrote this were also in a vegetative state. The evil <insert typical crap> has risen from where he once rested, the baron lands of <insert more typical crap>. And YOU that's right you, lard arse sat infront of that keyboard eating greasy food and drinking cola, YOU are going to expel him and bring <insert typical place name> back to the once common peace. Come brave warrior and embark on a great adventure!

No thanks.
Floyd 4th April 2011, 15:54 Quote
More importantly, is this a pay to play MMO? Monthly fees and such are what keep me FAR FAR away from these sort of games.
ssj12 4th April 2011, 15:56 Quote
my review of rift,

Rift doesnt need to be a "WoW Killers". It just needs to be good, exist, and be successful.
rollo 4th April 2011, 16:06 Quote
Once star wars and guild wars 2 come out this game is t
Phalanx 4th April 2011, 16:07 Quote
Originally Posted by rollo
Once star wars and guild wars 2 come out this game is t

OK, who killed rollo?
mpr 4th April 2011, 16:09 Quote
I didn't enjoy my time with it in BETA, it's just not my cup of tea. I was a die hard Final Fantasy XI player and I played WAR for a few months and enjoyed it (pre-f2p which supposedly fixed alot of the problems with the chapter 1 zones being barren). I just didn't connect with Rift. Having said that I'm semi-enjoying Final Fantasy XIV as SE "struggles" (more like slowly moves in the right direction) to become something worthy of succeeding XI while being ewasier to get into for the average joe... that and it's free until further notice so worth the bargain bin price for the software if you can find a copy.

My biggest problem with new MMOs is the people with expectations for them. So many people expect a new MMO to have 80-ish% of the content WoW has with all its expansions. It's not realistic and it's not fair. What I'm getting at is if you find an MMO you can connect with, stick with it and you'll grow together... finish all the current content? Make your own goals, like seing every corner, getting X amount of cash, dominating the market for good X, etc... or just take a break from it. Don't spam how bored you are on every forum, it just limits the amount of people who may check it out and that's less people you'll have to play with when new content comes around.
kornedbeefy 4th April 2011, 16:10 Quote
Even though I'm very curious and would like to try this game. From what I'm reading there is not enough difference from WoW to coerce me to play. I did the monthly fee thing with WoW and not interested in getting tied up in subscriptions again. I much prefer just loading and playing a game without feeling I "have" to play to get my moneys worth. Recently finished NWN and now working my way through NWN2 :)
Unknownsock 4th April 2011, 16:16 Quote
The main problem with this game atm i find is the performance is just pooor, alongside pretty bad graphics too. The low draw distance is quite annoying for a genre that requires quite alot more than most.

Overall its quite fun, although i did get sick of the same quest mechanic repeated in almost every MMO at around lv25 and havn't touched it since.
JonBoyJ 4th April 2011, 17:55 Quote
Yes the draw distance is very poor in rift, wow might have an ageing graphics engine but the draw distances in WoTLK and Cata are far better. I played Rift for couple of weeks and quickly realised that it was no wow killer. I got to lvl 26 and also got very bored.

For me there is only one mmo to play and that is wow.
DarkLord7854 4th April 2011, 18:38 Quote
Loving the World Event currently ongoing.
Grimloon 4th April 2011, 20:24 Quote
I've probably put about 200 hours in to this since launch so you could say that I'm more than a little impressed so far. Yes, there is a performance issue in that you don't get as much as you should but they're working on that. The quests may not be fresh and new but while you're doing them you usually stumble on to a rift or an invasion and enjoyable mass mayhem ensues.

The guild system is very well put together giving perks that you can cater to your members, the crafting system is extremely well thought out and detailed without becoming mind numbingly dull. Admittedly there was so much spawn ninjaing going on initially that I thought I was surrounded by kleptomaniacs in black pajamas but that calmed down around level 20 or so.

What still sends me a little gaga is how versatile the class system is. You can respec to pretty much every traditional MMO role (except that I've not seen a mage tank yet, many have tried but it gets messy) and even switch roles between fights (you can actually do it in them but definitely not recommended! "Oops! Where did all my buffs go?") I flip between party heals and buffs (bard) and ranged DPS with agro management (ranger) dependant on what's needed.

It may be no WoW killer but if you like traditional MMOs and random, fast raid type encounters rather than 3 hours of "You will have this build and no other or don't even think about joining!" malarkey it's definitely worth a look. Perfect? No. Fun? Hell yes! I had a grin a mile wide the first time I fully beat an invasion with a random 20 man raid team! :D Never spoken to any of them before, formed a guild with a few since.

Right, off to beat seven shades of whatever out of some uninvited extraplanar guests!
Eiffie 4th April 2011, 21:09 Quote
Gonna wait for guild wars 2 myself as well. My friend started to play Rift when it came out and while it looks fun and pretty enjoyable I don't think it'll be worth the monthly subscription. It's not a bad game, that's for sure. If I was FORCED to play any MMO currently out it would have to be this one. Thankfully, no one is making me do that. :)
blinkieleblind 5th April 2011, 00:40 Quote
ok here goes.

Rift is good... it looks pretty and builds on existing ideas that have been tried and tested and tries to insert some of its own. Granted, having a decent GPU the draw distance thing does piss me off but it is not a game killer.
The way i see rift is that Trion have sat down and played a lot of other MMO's and thought 'hmmm, this feature is good but this feature is sheise'. The end result is a mish mash of copycatting of previous MMO's but i must say that they have done a good job! The level of character customisation is awesome and the game feels so fresh compared to WoW; the rift events make the game feel mmo'ey and the instances have lovely graphics (realm of Fae snow thing) and some interesting tactics in places.

I don't think rift will kill WoW but i hope that it will grow into something strong and give WoW something to think about.
Digi 5th April 2011, 00:42 Quote
First off, GW2 is not coming out for ages (2012, at least). SWTOR is 6 months off, I don't know about everyone else but I ain't gonna sit on my hands reading the same forum info from NDA-locked posters and I don't know how and why people keep posting 'I am gonna wait for X' on every MMO article that is released.

More on-topic; I played RIFT in Beta and bought and played the game at launch. It was good for all the reasons you highlighted but I think that's also because it's simply something new. There is no doubt they polished it well though, it was an admirable job.

It was just boring. PvP deteriorated into the same mindless every-man-for-himself-fest and rifts are hit-instants-as-fast-as-poss. I enjoyed it but it didn't have that wow (not WoW!) factor, I got bored, I tried to persevere, I couldn't, I cancelled before my free month ran out. Back to CS:S on Custom PC server and my backlog of singleplayer games until SWTOR and D3 come along. *sigh*
thelaw 5th April 2011, 01:41 Quote
Played it for about 3/4 days, got bored of the endless quests which are a bit samey......have canceled my subscription and will let my remaining days that comes free with the game run out.
Eiffie 5th April 2011, 03:00 Quote
Also, the character animations in this game are pretty stiff compared to some other MMO's I've played, lots of repetitive movements and the hits don't look like they have lots of force behind them, even when you use abilities on someone.
Cthippo 5th April 2011, 07:27 Quote
Not that anyone cares, but my stepsister is on the development team for this game.
leeyn 5th April 2011, 08:21 Quote
I play and like it. This is a new experience in the use of game mechanics has demonstrated.
Hovis 5th April 2011, 18:25 Quote
I figure any MMO that can boast a good month of gameplay is worth a punt, just because most single player games don't boast that much gameplay. I mean I got plenty of hours out of DC Universe, loved that game, didn't resub though. Great game, played it to bits, but wasn't going to pay a sub for it because I was done with it. No harm no foul.

The idea that an MMO needs to be some sort of commitment of months even years is what is dated, not the concept driving the games themselves. Get it, play it, enjoy it. If you stop enjoying it, ditch the game. Simple as that. I know so many people who approach their MMO purchases like they are getting a mortgage or signing up to some kind of year long work contract. They don't have to be treated like that. Just have your fun and walk away when it stops being fun.
Redbeaver 5th April 2011, 19:51 Quote
LOTRO will have the Isengard expansion in a couple of months. in the meantime, im tryin to catch up the loads of content ive missed the past year or so taking an absent due to getting married :p

I've tried Rift for 3 weeks now including BETA.... was very much excited about it, excited with PvP and the huge customizations..... but alas... it has no "solid backstory". quest + story = fun. quest - story = grind.
i got bored fast even with PvP.

LOTRO > Rift for me. and its free.
and now free players can level up to max and with Isengard, f2p players can PvP too.
Hg 6th April 2011, 13:14 Quote
I was in the beta and i'm still playing, signed up for 6months subs and i really enjoy the game, sure it has its bad points but every game does and unlike wow where you have to wait each month for a list of updates the guys behind this game are pushing hotfixes out on a regular basis and the latest update brought with it the first world wide event which will be played out over the duration of a month or so, so Kudos there also!
As a side note if anyone is looking for a small social guild (10 players atm, with Mumble etc) to play with we have set one up so feel free to join us @ we play on Sagespire and were guardians
klimtog88 8th April 2011, 19:12 Quote
I have also enjoyed RIFT, and I dont believe in a wow killer. WoW is killing itself off. Less and less people playing it each day. I for one stopped playing because they keep on removing older things from the game for no reason. "getting t0, t0.5... benediction"... they have 0 loyalty to anyone who has played since day one. That is why me nor any of my friends play wow anymore.
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