World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Community Interview

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docodine 9th December 2010, 09:18 Quote
Excellent interview, the link to the Blizzcon interview was amazing as well. The red shirt guy probably has provided hours of entertainment for Blizzard staff. ;)
AshT 9th December 2010, 09:23 Quote
Nice interview and breakfast read. It's a bummer that there are a load more questions I can now think of! :(
Yemerich 9th December 2010, 10:16 Quote
Yeah, yeah...

I want to know when Diablo 3 will come out!
Kiytan 9th December 2010, 11:55 Quote
Brilliant interview, with some interesting answers, they seemed a lot more open than they did in many interviews (including the ones on their site). Also very glad to see some of my questions in there :D
sp4nky 9th December 2010, 12:10 Quote
Nice one and thanks for asking my question. The idea of creating new skins for all the druid forms hadn't occured to me.
metarinka 9th December 2010, 17:21 Quote
Originally Posted by sp4nky
Nice one and thanks for asking my question. The idea of creating new skins for all the druid forms hadn't occured to me.

They said they couldn't do fliying in classic because they would have to redeisng a lot of the zones (they did it just took several years).

for the amount of money they bring in and the size of the time. I don't think it's a convincing argument that they can't upgrade because of the amount of models they would need. Sure it would take some time. But it's not a colossal undertaking and it's not like they are short on cash or customer support. the wotlk graphics update did a lot I haven't played cata but I would like to see those upgrades and reskins continue as well as hopefully culling old items out of the game and old mats, crafted items etc that had no use anymore.
pbryanw 9th December 2010, 23:36 Quote
Just another person who wanted to say thanks for the great interview (better then the Eurogamer one with the same guys in my opinion).

I've just got back into WoW after hearing how Blizzard had changed the questing, and have been impressed with the improvements to this part of the game. Also, with my 5850 (on the highest graphical settings), the benefits of an older game engine are apparent with massive draw distances, which really make the game look great. With its cartoonish graphics, WoW hasn't aged badly at all :)
Pookeyhead 11th December 2010, 08:30 Quote
Great interview. Thanks!

Good to hear they're addressing poly count in new races, and retro modelling older ones. Pity there's no new engine entirely, but so long as they keep updating.
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