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Pliqu3011 4th December 2010, 10:19 Quote
Awesome, I LOVE insanely hard platformers.

eddtox 4th December 2010, 11:21 Quote
I don't like hard games :(
Shadowed_fury 4th December 2010, 11:35 Quote
Got this last night - epically fun. Proper addictive though as you might imagine. And it IS hard in places... :D
bogie170 4th December 2010, 12:01 Quote
Not for me I think, I am liable to lauch the mouse and keyboard across the room!
Fizzban 4th December 2010, 13:40 Quote
My interest is piqued but I should probably avoid it for my own health. At the very least it would probably make me go grey faster.
Saivert 4th December 2010, 14:45 Quote
well I just bought world of goo so I think I should complete that first.
bennyjh 4th December 2010, 15:15 Quote
I found it SSSSOOOOOOOOOO tedious. Why make it that hard?
Autti 4th December 2010, 15:16 Quote
Black ops is better than Super Meat Boy?

Jaffo 4th December 2010, 16:55 Quote
'rage-uninstalled'. Oh yeah, I've been there!
appoxbox 4th December 2010, 18:04 Quote
Don't agree with the review about the difficulty, I played through all the light world levels and didn't find them that bad at all up until around world 5, even then I managed to complete the game.

I love this game, the only levels I've found insanely difficult are some of the very late dark world stages.
thehippoz 4th December 2010, 18:22 Quote
some guys couldn't complete trine.. was just standard arcade stuff
wiggles 4th December 2010, 18:25 Quote
I liked the review.

I'm interested in the game but might not spend £12 on it.
Toploaded 4th December 2010, 20:38 Quote
When its less then 3 quid in some kinda sale or bundle, I'll grab it no doubt.
runadumb 4th December 2010, 22:47 Quote
Will buy it when it's cheaper
Mattmc91 4th December 2010, 23:03 Quote
just played the first chapter, thoroughly entertaining.

Well worth it.
McSteel 4th December 2010, 23:04 Quote
"When you've just got near the end of the level for the first time only for the jump button not to work, making you run stupidly off the end of the platform... words can't describe the anguish."

I lol'd so hard.

Is this game harder than IWBTG?
bulldogjeff 4th December 2010, 23:13 Quote
Super Meat used to be the name of a brand of cat food years ago.
lacuna 6th December 2010, 12:40 Quote
is it as hard as Labyrinth Zone Act 3 on Sonic 1? That was a sonofabitch!
mckoneds 6th December 2010, 13:35 Quote
I've gotten to the world 3 boss so far, and I would have to say this gamer is hard, but it's also extremely rewarding. I knew I was going to be dying a lot (I mean come on.. there's a death cam built into the game), but this is a game all about trial and error, error, error. When you finally manage to finish an especially tough level there's a great feeling of accomplishment. :D
Jamie 6th December 2010, 13:50 Quote
Is it better than Braid?
Lazy_Amp 6th December 2010, 19:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Is it better than Braid?

Short Answer: Of course not.

Long Answer: Although Super Meat Boy has more content than Braid, it lacks both the depth and the polish that the time traveling platformer had.

The theme of Super Meat Boy is '**** You', which I don't particularly appreciate.

Though somewhat removed from the story, Braid's story was a deconstruction of the hero/princess trope. In Meat Boy, the developers are basically saying 'we can do whatever we want, damn all feelings for the character/situations, let's make the player a hunk of meat'. Frankly, I found the whole package disgusting, a meaningless string of challenge with no goal and only despair/frustration to guide the player.

As for the gameplay, it's just as bad. In great platformers like Super Mario Bros, Braid, and Cave Story, the physics of the platforming mechanics is taught very early on by the level design, so that the player knows exactly how the game works: How high the player can jump, how far, how slippery will the landing be, etc. In Cave Story especially, although the jumping is a bit floaty and the landings slick, the first area is designed to show the player the limits of what they can do. The first spikes at the bottom of the slope which, I believe everyone slips onto and dies the first time, teach the player "Hey, watch out for these slippery falls" and by the end of the game you are jumping like a pro. There really is no progression of learning in Super Meat Boy, just unrelated challenge after unrelated challenge. By the end of the first world, I still did not have a grasp on falling speeds / walljumping mechanics / landing physics. It's not challenge, it's bad game design.

The music doesn't even work, from the far too loud main menu to the soft tones in the world map / levels.

Add to that the repetitive nature of the actual platforming challenges, no, Braid is a far better game which, despite it's lack of content, manages a more complete and meaningful experience than Super Meat Boy.

I've only finished the first world, and I may go ahead and complete the game, but I don't look forward to it.
Lazy_Amp 6th December 2010, 19:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Lazy_Amp

Though somewhat removed from the *gameplay*,

TWeaK 6th December 2010, 22:02 Quote
CardJoe 7th December 2010, 08:18 Quote
azrael- 9th December 2010, 11:50 Quote
Still lost in MineCraft...? ;)
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