Vote for your Game of the Year 2010

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menemsis 1st December 2010, 20:47 Quote
Starcraft 2
BioShock 2
STALKER Call of Pripyat
Hg 1st December 2010, 21:36 Quote
Mass effect 2
Heavy Rain
kzinti1 1st December 2010, 21:55 Quote
I just skewed your results. And, I'm certainly not the only one.
Fallout-New Vegas is the only game I bought this year. The only game I was interested in and besides MahJong Titans and Fallout 3, the only game I've played this year.
Yet, I have to vote for 3 games. I just chose the other 2 at random. I never heard of them and have already forgotten what they were.
Just an example of how foolish these "Polls" really are.
The "Game of the Year?" The one that made the most bucks, of course.
Forget polls. Cash is the ultimate award. Cash is the ultimate praise.
You want to thank me for something? Congratulate me for some accomplishment? Do it with cold, hard currency. AKA, the ultimate aphrodesiac.
Singularity 1st December 2010, 21:58 Quote
No minecraft on this list?
CBA going through the newsletter signup thing again...
Phifty Cal 1st December 2010, 21:58 Quote
ME2 - Definitely the best game I've played all year.
BFBC2 - Soooo much fun blowing stuff up!
SC2 - Never played the original, but after this I can see why it was so good.
Er-El 1st December 2010, 22:04 Quote
There's no debate about it this year imo. There's been a lot of great games, but Mass Effect 2 is the only true GOTY contender.
Pieface 1st December 2010, 22:12 Quote
Don't wanna sign up for a newsletter kthxbai.
thehippoz 1st December 2010, 22:30 Quote
I'm not a console guy so haven't played ac brotherhood with my ding hanging out and a pack of cigs on the couch (foaming at the mouth).. but for pc mass effect 2, fallout new vegas, and out of the rest- starcraft and dead rising 2

bioshock and stalker were ok too, stalker definitely had some good memories to it
l3v1ck 1st December 2010, 22:55 Quote
Monkey Island FTW.
Diosjenin 2nd December 2010, 00:19 Quote
ME2 should win, no question. But I have to ask... where's Minecraft?

- Diosjenin -
Whindog 2nd December 2010, 00:54 Quote
SC2 ftw!!!!

ME2 is on my to play list, i was going to finish Dragon age first then move onto ME2. I started dragon age in July. Still havnt finished it thanks to Sc2 hitting my desk. Crazy addictive. Can someone give me more hours in the day so i can actually get around to playing ME2!!!!

Please.....the christmas break will do my game progression some good. lol
javaman 2nd December 2010, 00:57 Quote
no gran turismo 5?
Hovis 2nd December 2010, 01:17 Quote
To call Mass Effect 2 the best game of the year is hugely under selling it. It would be more accurate to say that Mass Effect 2 is the greatest accomplishment of the human race this year.
Lazy_Amp 2nd December 2010, 06:24 Quote
Just realized... I see Master Chief/ Random Spartan in the image, but Halo Reach didn't make this list XD
omgdec 2nd December 2010, 06:33 Quote
Never played Mass Effect 2 but based on this thread definately going to have to!

Starcraft 2
F1 2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Cthippo 2nd December 2010, 07:13 Quote
Has to be Farm Simulator, there is no other choice!


Actually, I haven't played anything on the list. I'm sure Bit is going to cancel my membership for that
mpr 2nd December 2010, 07:23 Quote
Originally Posted by GFC
SC2 is definitely my game of the year (decade?).

No offense intented as you're entitled to your opinion... but seriously?

I've played through it twice, and mildly dabbled in online play. But ultimately it's a reskinned SC1. There's minimal innovation. I'll be buying the next two installments, so don't get me wrong... it's enjoyable. It just really didn't bring anything new to the table worthy of GotY.
Coltch 2nd December 2010, 07:49 Quote
ME2 - great sequel and worthy GOTY.

As has been said - where is Minecraft?
badders 2nd December 2010, 08:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Coltch
As has been said - where is Minecraft?

Probably not on the list because Minecraft was released before this year...
bobwya 2nd December 2010, 10:22 Quote
Angry Birds
Bauul 2nd December 2010, 10:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Singularity
No minecraft on this list?
CBA going through the newsletter signup thing again...

If you signed up last year it will still have your details. I just signed in with the same email address as last time.
wuyanxu 2nd December 2010, 10:29 Quote

i refuse to vote Blops because playing it feel like a frustrating mess, with RCXD all over the map.

BFBC2 Vietnam preordered. i can't imagine playing any other game until BF Play4Free comes out.
Tr1p0d 2nd December 2010, 10:36 Quote
Monkey Island
And after struggling for the third, F1 2010 because I do actually keep going back to it.
CardJoe 2nd December 2010, 10:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Solidus
Where is Halo reach? I cant believe thats been omitted for the likes of Just Cause 2?!

It has possibly the best multiplayer ever seen on any console not to mention a pretty damn good single player campaign...

I would be incredibly curious to know your reasoning behind leaving it out?!

Simply that the list of games in the poll is made up of:

A) Every game we gave an award to this year
B) A smattering of games that did not get awards but were very close to getting one (Dead Rising 2)
C) A handful of games which we would have given awards to had we reviewed them (Neptune's Pride)

Halo: Reach wasn't anything wholly new and only got a 7/10 in our review. Thus, we didn't feel it merited a place on the list, which we tried to keep as short as possible.
CardJoe 2nd December 2010, 10:44 Quote
Originally Posted by badders
Originally Posted by Coltch
As has been said - where is Minecraft?

Probably not on the list because Minecraft was released before this year...

More like because Minecraft is not even in Beta yet.
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