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liratheal 30th September 2010, 09:30 Quote
"tediously slow walking speed"?

I didn't find Chucks lumbering gait to be all that tedious. Perhaps I just break it up with a whole lot more nail-bat swinging than you >.>

Oh, and er, what story?

I've yet to complete a mission other than the get the tiny female leech Zombrex.. Once >.>
mi1ez 30th September 2010, 10:30 Quote
Sounds like a laugh. Not sure the girlfriend would approve but that won't be enough to put me off!
Kenny_McCormick 30th September 2010, 10:50 Quote
I've played the first DR just a few times. I'd like to get rid of the 3 (in-game) days in that zombie apocalypse universe
Jack_Pepsi 30th September 2010, 11:24 Quote
I'll be buying this tomorrow!

GiantStickMan 30th September 2010, 14:02 Quote
I've just started playing this on the PS3 and I agree with the review for the most part.

My complaints would probably be that Chuck is a less likeable character than Frank West from the original. The game also feels so similar to the first that it's more like an expansion than a full-fledged sequel, and so far it seems a bit easier too, though that isn't such a bad thing. You really had to grind and level up to get anywhere in the first.

That being said, his walking speed does increase as you level up which makes that aspect a little more bearable.
sear 30th September 2010, 14:05 Quote
I've been told that it's a lot of fun and that it's worth picking up. I might well do that... after I finish Baldur's Gate and Planescape in a few months, anyway. Damn you!
[WP@]WOLVERINE 30th September 2010, 20:17 Quote
ive tried this game today and i can only say THANK GOD i didnt waste my hard earned cash on it. worst game ive played in a looong time. Useless control, slow and boring. Theres only one way to experience Zombies in a game and thats in Left 4 Dead.
Waynio 30th September 2010, 21:25 Quote
Been playing it to death the past couple of days, awesome zombie whacking game :D, figured it'd be an 8 or 9 :).

Mix a torch + gems for a lightsaber :) fun weapon, boxing glove + bowie knife for knife gloves best for psycho's :), it's a laugh plonking big stuffed teddies on zombies :), plenty of great bare handed moves once you unlock them too.

Finished it on a few different endings uncovered the truth already also got the S ending the best ending, character is maxed, much harder on pc as there are way more zombies & looks & plays superior compared to console with max settings including blur @ 1920x1200, you can barely move in some areas with so many zombies.

Anyway I need a good break from it before I have another game now lol :D, but I'm so glad capcom brought it to pc same time as console, honestly if they brought the first one out for pc I'd buy it straight away.

Left4dead isn't even worth comparing as it's way more fast paced action wise & far easier considering all the guns & ammo everywhere, zombies are supposed to be slow, they are the undead, zombies in left4dead are more like rage virus zombies out of 28 days later I like left4dead a lot but dead rising has classic oldschool zombies & is far more difficult with sooo much more going on, frying pan in left4dead was crap, frying pan in dead rising you can heat up & cook some zombie face :), dead rising is best played on a 360 pad also imo.

Dead rising, fable 2 & red dead redemption are the 3 main reasons I still have an xbox 360, so if only these 3 games got released on pc I could happily sell it & then regret it when another awesome exclusive comes along .
SNIPERMikeUK 1st October 2010, 10:11 Quote
This game is so much fun, I found a massager (polite name for a dildo) on one of the seats in the night club after defeating the twins. And beat Zombies like I was Hatchett Harry from Lock
Waynio 1st October 2010, 14:41 Quote
Hahaha nearly forgot about that lol massager , can it be combined with another item :D :).
iwog 1st October 2010, 15:45 Quote
nope, it has no wrench symbol if I remember correctly.
Yemerich 1st October 2010, 17:18 Quote
TBH, I think the game is really slow paced. And I agree, it is TEDIOUS slow. And I am NOT talking about the zombies, but the game itself. Chuck is a "semi-zombie" grandpa

A Tipical console game maybe?

C'mon! Left4Dead ONE is ten times better!
Bauul 1st October 2010, 18:03 Quote
Originally Posted by Waynio
Left4dead isn't even worth comparing as it's ... far easier considering all the guns & ammo everywhere. ... , I like left4dead a lot but dead rising has classic oldschool zombies & is far more difficult with sooo much more going on,

Totally appreciate where you're coming from, but I got to correct you on saying L4D is easy.

Complete just a single campaign of the sequal on Expert with Hardcore rules without difficulty, and I'll permit you to say it's easy.

On topic: I'm seriously tempted by this, it looks like the kind of game that's probably more fun on a console than on PC, and I'm needing to justify to myself why I bought a 360, so guess this is going on the shopping list!
Waynio 2nd October 2010, 01:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Bauul
Complete just a single campaign of the sequal on Expert with Hardcore rules without difficulty, and I'll permit you to say it's easy.

:D True I take that easy comment back :), pretty much depends on how good the team you are with which determines how hard the game is, I've had games on easy which were hard because of a bad team .
CowBlazed 3rd October 2010, 07:17 Quote
Nothings "more fun" on a console then a PC, hook up a controller and to your TV and its indistinguishable except for the superior graphics, frame rate etc.

Played the game a bunch on PS3 and 360 and its lots of fun. The gore is great.
thehippoz 3rd October 2010, 17:35 Quote
everything's going the way of the console.. were just gonna have to deal with it- the snuffuluffugus have won

playing through mafia 2 still- I'll try this next though.. from the picture the textures look like they haven't even been redone for the pc.. holy console port

warrior is probably rolling around and had 2 gasms already
TheLink 8th November 2010, 22:11 Quote
Really fun at first, but quickly gets fairly repetitive. The multiplayer is only coop as well and the mini-games aren't that great. Disapointed overall about this game...
thehippoz 8th November 2010, 22:30 Quote
I liked it.. the ending where chuck gets totally insulted on the phone by tk was one of the best voice acting moments imo.. tk is like

oooo yeah chuckie, Ima take your fine girl and do that sweet fine thang (can't remember his exact words but it was stereotypical to a t)

chuck goes.. whaaat? like it was the first time he'd heard that kind of thing before..

the voice acting was too funny really.. managed to get all the missions done in time except getting one of the cops a zombrex early on.. that was pretty challenging getting it all done in time

I still don't know what they expected you to do on the bike against the insane motocross challenge.. ended up pinning him in a corner by the casino and wacking him with a spiked bat when he was stuck
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