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StoneyMahoney 19th August 2010, 22:19 Quote
Sounds a little like a game an old housemate of mine loved to play. I can't remember what it was called which could be really embarrassing if it has a really obvious name. The basis of the game was that you were an evil genius and you built your underground lair to facilitate the perpetration of despicable acts by your evil organization while at the same time defending yourself from all the police, agents and super spies who would turn up to try and take you down. You'd then capture them and torture them to get information out of them using pretty much anything you had lying around.

You know, now I write that down, I can see some serious similarities here. Maybe I should check Kalypso's website and see if they wrote that game too...
guvnar 19th August 2010, 22:26 Quote
I wish it WAS Dungeon Keeper!
That game was so addictive and although I have an updated copy its bugged to hell but an updated version would go down very well indeed...
bennyjh 19th August 2010, 22:50 Quote
The game your thinking of is called Evil Genius lol, and it was by Elixir. Superb game, shame the sequel never appeared :(
blinkieleblind 19th August 2010, 22:59 Quote
ahhhhhh dungeon keeper :D that was an awesome awesome game. In fact i was a huge fan of a lot that bullfrog did back in the day, theme hospital was imense. I do wish quite often that devs would look at some of these old games and try to bring them back with perhaps a modern twist ala Karate Kid (I am told that the remake is quite decent). For me dungeon keeper is one of those games.... I just miss the satire and ambiance etc etc, but this just doesn't seem as appealing.
There are a few examples recently of concepts that weren't broken but devs/producers still decided to fix (the latest instalment of silent hunter /shiver )..............

If it aint broke.............
DK63 19th August 2010, 23:07 Quote
I never played Dungeon Keeper, but played DK2 to death, and more. It was a fantastic game, but could be frustrating at times as well. Some nice dark humourous touches as well. I did see a petition started for a DK3, but I suspect that will never happen.
I tried to install DK2 tonight on my Win7 x64 pc, I got it to run but graphically it's unplayable, major driver issues, ghosting, etc. Such is life....

p.s. I think the KK remake is actually better than the original. Jaden Smith is brilliant.
Veles 20th August 2010, 07:18 Quote
So it's kinda like a cross between Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius? Sounds awesome!
Denis_iii 20th August 2010, 08:47 Quote
i just jizzed in my pants :)
this obese minger will have to do to satiate my lust until my hot big tittied buxom whip wielding Dungeon Keeper 3 comes along
FFS it better be in dev right now!!!
Tsung 20th August 2010, 12:22 Quote
"You know Dungeon Keeper, right?"
(I'm interested)
"Ok," he says, "Well, this is nothing like that."
(Lost interest)
It's not too late to change your mind... No Seriously...

I am liking the idea of making a dungeon to keep the hero's happy I can see how it works when I look at games like WoW. If the dungeon is fun to play or offer decent reward, the hero's keep coming back, if it isn't it falls into disrepair (and the creeps leave in the end you have a cave).

Should be interesting to see how this game pans out, hopefully there will be some sort of multiplayer (co-op or Vs) aspect =)
Bauul 20th August 2010, 14:25 Quote
DK was one of my all time favourite games, so anything, no matter how badly made, that comes close to that will warrant my attention.

Fingers crossed the gameplay is fun, I don't mind the lack of humour or polish if the core gameplay is up to scratch.
blinkieleblind 20th August 2010, 14:30 Quote
so the consensus is.....

GIVE US DK3!!!!!!!!! ;)
SaNdCrAwLeR 20th August 2010, 14:57 Quote
I'd still love to see an Evil Genius 2 coming out...
the whole 60s bond feel was so awesome as an add-on to the DK formula :o
pimonserry 20th August 2010, 15:25 Quote
Sounds good, I look forward to the review.
Mraedis 20th August 2010, 18:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Tsung
I am liking the idea of making a dungeon to keep the hero's happy

No no, you lure them into your dungeons with things they want, and then capture and torture them. :D
Cabe6403 23rd August 2010, 09:58 Quote
I loved Dungeon Keeper so I'll be keeping an eye on this :)
kornedbeefy 23rd August 2010, 17:36 Quote
Buying, it's rare we see games like this. Gotta support the dev who thinks outside of current trends. I don't know about you but I'm sick to death of FPS based on modern weapons/combat.
Cool_CR 23rd August 2010, 19:55 Quote
Wow Evil Genius meets Overlord2 the fun never stops.
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