Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

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Garside 15th July 2010, 11:32 Quote
The thing I noticed about this game is the title of it. I think they've called it Ghost Warrior in a bid to try and tie in to the tom clancy games. What do you reckon?
CardJoe 15th July 2010, 11:40 Quote
They probably just used the Video Game Name Generator:
pimlicosound 15th July 2010, 11:49 Quote
Joe, that Video Game Name Generator is brilliant! My highlights from a minute's clicking:

Perverted Hoedown Ransom
Real Elevator Revisited
Elderly Porn Summoner
First-person Bimbo Dudes
Masters of the Handgun Combat
Unremarkable Crystal Palace (sounds like the Generator is familiar with south London)
CardJoe 15th July 2010, 11:59 Quote
My favourite was "Tom Clancy's Nudist Solid"

Oh, god.
keir 15th July 2010, 12:05 Quote
I'd play a demo if there was one. pff
wuyanxu 15th July 2010, 12:08 Quote
wookies of BFBC2, please play this game instead. or i'll smoke you!

i'd love some of those slowmo action though
Skiddywinks 15th July 2010, 12:51 Quote
Originally Posted by keir
I'd play a demo if there was one. pff

There is a demo. Take your pick.
phantombudgie 15th July 2010, 13:14 Quote
Video Game Name Generator has stolen some of my time.
"Violent Fishing Castle" sound like a laugh.
"Erotic Leisure Suit Marines " could have quite a target audience.
WildThing 15th July 2010, 14:20 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
My favourite was "Tom Clancy's Nudist Solid"

Oh, god.

How about

"Britney Spears' Snowboard of Mystery "

Rustynutts 15th July 2010, 14:30 Quote
Islamic Hamster Uprising... lol Cool Generator thingy :)

Claustrophobic Vegetarian Experience...Oh god i could do this all day
Kenny_McCormick 15th July 2010, 15:10 Quote
3 weeks, but agree with you. I did a mini review as soon as I played the demo:

We gave it the same score. My thoughts are there (sandbox maps, coop, etc)
liratheal 15th July 2010, 15:22 Quote
Final Surf Massacre!

If only the game had been, say, a very up-dated version of Sniper Elite, I'd have wet myself with excitement.

However, I trudge along in disappointment again. Damned games industry.


Unremarkable Soccer Joe - Made me giggle. Unless Joe's actually good at football?
Sifter3000 15th July 2010, 16:05 Quote
High-Speed Mahjong Factory and Planet of the Fun Noodle Returns were my faves :)
13eightyfour 15th July 2010, 16:17 Quote
Fluffy Driving Offensive
Transvestite Plunger of Doom

OT: the games industry really does seem to be struggling atm to produce decent games, Ill give a demo a go more out of curiosity than anything else though.
thehippoz 15th July 2010, 16:22 Quote
hehe vampire penguin
Apexgun 15th July 2010, 17:19 Quote
*rant* No fair crackdown2 got a 6 and this got a 5 this should of been max a 4 *end rant*, its utter rubbish except the actual sniping mechanic (but even after the short time I put into it slow-mo bullet got old) which is its only redeeming feature.
pimlicosound 15th July 2010, 17:45 Quote
It says a lot that most people are far more interested in the Video Game Name Generator than in the game Joe's just reviewed.
mrbens 15th July 2010, 18:04 Quote
The Quest for the STD Spree
Exquisite Transvestite Smuggler
Ultimate Bingo Punishment
DarkFear 15th July 2010, 20:49 Quote
I vote we start a thread for this Video Game Name Generator!

Dwarven Lightning Brawl.

Dammit, why don't devs just go there, get a name and make a game that fits that name? I bet they'd sell better than most "new" games nowadays!

Edit : Michael Jackson's Programming Pioneer. The mind boggles...

Edit 2 : Satan's Sniper Horror. That's it, I'm adding VGNG to my email signature....

Edit 3 : Monty Python's Theme Park Gladiator. I think I might have developed an addiction....

Edit 4 : British Porn Uncensored. Oh god, I can't stop....
_Metal_Guitar_ 15th July 2010, 23:44 Quote
Star Trek Booty Ultra...Hitler's Whale Psychiatrist...The Sims: Hillbilly Dancers...Angry Donkey Superstar...Royal Forklift Beatdown

What is this madness?
Elton 16th July 2010, 00:51 Quote
Go Go Amish Heroes
Scottish Dance Plus
Emo Sword Dash
Underwater Dodgeball 1942
Go Go Shotgun Nitro
Raging Chess Maniac
Cyber Duck Solid


Edit 1: Best one: Duke Nukem: Caveman in the Desert

Edit 2: M.C. Escher's Casino - The Lost Levels This one is just too funny.
omicron 18th July 2010, 10:14 Quote
Spunky Dungeon Experience
Sim0n 18th July 2010, 11:25 Quote
Oh great, im just installing this into steam now (on a plus note, it worked a fair bit better than i remember MW2 working, which just didnt want to use the dvd to install).

And it seems a simple random word generator will be more fun *rage*
Ending Credits 18th July 2010, 12:11 Quote
Looney Tunes Sniper Simulator
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