Frozen Synapse Interview

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Phalanx 13th July 2010, 12:47 Quote
I love Frozen Synapse. Been in the beta for a while now and I've preordered. Absolutely love it. Brilliantly simple to understand, yet maddeningly difficult to master. Get's better each time they update.
OnyxLilninja 13th July 2010, 14:36 Quote
I'm looking forward to this, hopefully it will be released and integrated with Steam (for convenience of download and auto-updates).
Aragon Speed 13th July 2010, 16:15 Quote
Kinda looks similar to the GFX style of subversion.
pimonserry 14th July 2010, 00:39 Quote
Quite interested :o I'll see how it pans out at review ;)
Cool_CR 14th July 2010, 22:07 Quote
they stole rainbow 6 planning phase and made a whole game out of it???? are they aloud to do that.
Still i love the planning it looks good enough to spend a few pounds on.
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