How Much Should DLC Cost?

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Centy-face 25th May 2010, 21:30 Quote
"customers asking if its possible to add feature X or Y to the game. With the old-style system of a single game released with a fixed price, these requests were practically useless unless they were uniform and the game was successful, in which case they’d get dumped into a sequel."

Erm no. Sorry but you seem to be forgetting there are some developers who game being huge or not continue to support it for free a couple of indies off the top of my head are Ludosity, Tripwire and Diezel power.

Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me. You clearly pigeonhole most pc gamer and basically tell us we are wrong and should accept it. Now I have no real problem with DLC have bought it myself for both indie and AAA alike but I rationalise it as a consumer where as you do it entirely from the developers pov. Which just makes you seem like you're trying to reason with us mad angry grubbing gamers.

DLC needs to be worth the investment and games that come out at the RRP of 30 quid and expect us to pay for stuff that to be fair should be in the game already and is in some cases is ridiculous. Just Cause 2 for example has hit the nail on the head in my opinion it adds things that make the game more fun for a tiny sum at decent intervals.

Online DLC can also cripple a community see MW2 but if done in certain ways ie Killing Floor model from Tripwire it can work brilliantly they give away huge updates including maps weapons and increased levels etc for free so everyone can play it but make a little bit on the premium updates via pay for player models which I dont know a single person among my friends who didnt drop the 99p on the models just to support Tripwire.

Seriously this comes off as most of your articles do as preachy crap from an obviously biased perspective you want to let people do their own thing but at the end of the day you are so far up your own arse you will always think you are right. I know I am not always right I thought I would never buy DLC hell I even thought Digital distribution would not take off but it just goes to show.
cliffski 31st May 2010, 11:30 Quote
And there are a million forum comments from peoples veiws on DLC from a gamers POV, this is obviously from a developers POV. That's the point of the article.
Believe it or not, other people have different opinions. Try to tone down the anger a bit.
Bogomip 3rd June 2010, 08:26 Quote
You are the guy that made GSB?

That game is awesome! :)
CardJoe 3rd June 2010, 08:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Bogomip
You are the guy that made GSB?

That game is awesome! :)


Cliff's done quite a few articles and columns for us in the past.
flukielukie 3rd June 2010, 12:51 Quote
I'd like more DLC supported by advertising, it really wouldn't annoy me if I saw coke cans or a banner somewhere on a map.
Bazz 3rd June 2010, 16:24 Quote
As an old skool gamer from Half-life days I think that they game shouldn't have 'pay-for' DLC, but be supported by the community as a whole, not only does it create a community, but also some community based addons usually become a big enough hit turning it into a pay for game.
Community creativity is being pushed out of online gaming, MW2 proved that the developer/publisher can kill a massive community base without a blink of an eye.

Charging silly amounts for a game on the first place (FPS used to cost £20, now they are upto £50 upon release), then charging for more for 'extra' (questionable content) is ruining gaming (from a players point of view, not to mention developers will hold back on the game in the first place to make more money).
Though I can understand why the developer/publisher needs more revenue, I see gaming slowing down, or only big developers moving to DLC, pushing smaller developers to do the same, only to fail.

PC gaming is changing, but I for one do not like the direction, and am slowly looking elsewhere for enjoyment.
MW2 was the last straw in the CoD series, and I will never purchase another CoD game, BC2 seems to be OK for the moment, MoH series better be as good as they say, nothing else really out there that makes an impact to me, so nostalgia gaming might be the only way I get my kicks in the future (just lately I have started playing HL DM and UT 2004 for online gaming, back to the good old days).

Online gaming community model (example):
rFactor, create game, get fan base, help build fan base into a large community, create second game, whilst listening to the fan base and community, make more money - simple.

Old saying:
"Build it and they will come"
Not "Build it, charge more for same and they will come"

Sad days.
Xir 18th June 2010, 08:59 Quote
For me, Expansion packs and Map Packs are not the same.
A few extra maps makes a multiplayer enjoyable for longer, thus prolonging the shelf life of your game. Therefore it should be free.
An new singleplayer campaign is something else. (like the GTA "Episodes") They're parctically a sequel on the same engine, therefore a (reduced) price is well worth it.
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