How Much Should DLC Cost?

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rickysio 24th May 2010, 16:11 Quote
DLC's that are obviously stuff cut out from the game just to have DLC's should cost $0.

DLC's that have been toiled on with love and labour should cost more than $0.
SweatyRod 24th May 2010, 16:18 Quote
Personally,the only DLC I tend to purchase is online multiplayer DLC,for example the recent Call of Duty MW2 Map Pack,which was priced at around £10,but the amount of time you spend on those maps more than makes up for it.
pimonserry 24th May 2010, 16:22 Quote
I didn't buy the Borderlands DLC, I thought it was overpriced, and haven't been back in the game since it was released.

However, SC: Conviction has in-game DLC (via Uplay) that you get from Uplay points, by playing games released by Ubisoft. Works great, and I'd probably pay (minimal, <£2 type amounts) for each piece depending on whether it looked decent or not.

Just Cause 2 has a massive potential for DLC (free or paid), which I imagine will be fully capitalized on, as none is it will be crucial yet I imagine all of it will add to the sandbox experience.

Also, I think the MW2 maps add-on is a massive rip-off.
Deadpunkdave 24th May 2010, 16:32 Quote
Originally Posted by veato
What I would object to is someone gaining an advantage in a multiplayer game by purchasing expensive items - a system whereby you are rewarded for your bank balance and not your game skill is unfair.

I do agree, but I would think that the cost of a decent gaming mouse/keyboard and up-to-date graphics card will always skew things that way far more than DLC does.
wuyanxu 24th May 2010, 16:43 Quote
Originally Posted by pimonserry

Also, I think the MW2 maps add-on is a massive rip-off.

with you there. should be a quid for each map.

DLC free or not, it doesn't matter, it all depends on the contents.

However, i really dislike current trend of developers closing the game file systems so that only they can add stuff to the game. how many mods are there for games that has been released in the last 3 years?
Aragon Speed 24th May 2010, 16:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Mraedis
DLC should be priced to the equivalent it adds to the original game. Say a game cost £40 and has 40hrs of playtime, the DLC costs £10, then it should add around 10hrs of playtime, or boost the original game in such a manner that replaying it adds about 10hrs.

Skiddywinks 24th May 2010, 17:02 Quote
Originally Posted by rickysio
DLC's that are obviously stuff cut out from the game just to have DLC's should cost $0.

DLC's that have been toiled on with love and labour should cost more than $0.
Skirrow 24th May 2010, 17:04 Quote
I have no problem with DLC when it comes to expansions, such as features that were dropped from the original game due to time constraints, budget etc. The biggest issue i have with DLC is when the content is already on the disc. The horse armor was the first example of this. You were basically paying to unlock content you already paid for. Bioshock 2 and to a lesser extent, Resident Evil 5 both pulled this stunt. Locking these features out on the original disc is proof of premeditated gouging.
xaser04 24th May 2010, 17:16 Quote
I am happy to pay for downloadable content as long as the original games does not suffer for it (ie developers cutting content just so they can include it as DLC at a later date).

I have no interest at all in the DLC's that offer nothing over and above the standard game (costumes etc) so I don't pay any attention to this sort of DLC.
Gunsmith 24th May 2010, 17:21 Quote
I miss the good old days when business men weren't running the scene trying to **** you for every penny you had.
bogie170 24th May 2010, 18:20 Quote
£5 tops and it better be decent.

MW2 stimulus? Blow me, fix the game first.
leexgx 24th May 2010, 18:29 Quote
Call of Duty MW2 Map Pack is one i would never buy (once i reloaded my system with windows 7 i never loaded back on) with its restarted xbox peer host based system game play is not consistent

if it was not for steam i would of had an refund or sold it. (i really should made new steam account for MW2 i going to not mostly not like the game as i could of sold it then)

all the BF2 map packs i did buy the 3 packs (Special forces been the best one due to NO jets and night maps), bf2142 was bit annoying due to bugs but was fun for bit (like MW2 but got boring very fast due to shot lag)

DLC it self is ok if the game is good, but map packs seem like they should be free
do_it_anyway 24th May 2010, 18:40 Quote

I thought Cliff Harris' comment about the DLC being Win/Win, with the consumer only buying the extra bits they want, and the developer getting feedback on what the favourite game modes are, had merit.
My problwm with this is that the developers don't think "We will charge them half, then allow them to upgrade it as they see fit". Instead (think: MW2 for this one), they make the (reduced) game the most expensive one ever, THEN expect you to fork out more for extra stuff.

To be honest, I never saw paid DLC as a problem. My first ever PC game was BF2142, and I bought Northern Strike for it. This gave me around 4 extra maps, and extra upgrades/Weapons/armour etc.
BF2's expansion packs gave you different game modes, different armies and different maps/upgrades/weapons, and it was no big deal.
Then came a bit of a downloading revolution and all the expansion packs became DLC, instead of nipping to the shops for your "expansion".

Of course, it seemed to me, back then, that the games were released complete, and extra stuff was added. Now it seems that the game is released half finished and the "extra stuff" is stuff that should've been in the original.
What happened BTW about the bit of information that was going about re: MW2, where it appeared the extra maps were already on the original install, but "locked" until you bought the stimulus package. Was this ever proved to be true??
pingu666 24th May 2010, 19:03 Quote
i think one of the biggest DLC's is iracing, with extra cars costing $11.95 each, and tracks at 11,95 to 14.95 each.

you *need* to buy extra content to advance from the rookie races/level.

if you buy all the content you get 25% off, but it comes to around £330 (with the discount)

and theres a subscription you haveto pay to run the game aswell, which is $14 per month, and about half that if you subscribe for a year or so.

and theres a 3dollar charge to host a custom race :|
Skiddywinks 24th May 2010, 20:20 Quote
It's even been proven to be be done by companies much more respectful than Activision.

Given that, I am shocked that MW2 discs dont slowly degrade, forcing you to buy a new one in a year.
Zaim 24th May 2010, 21:16 Quote
I'd say a reasonable amount would be 7 maps for £10.99 for MW2 not 3 for the same price.

or charge ppl £10.99 like now for the first DLC and then get the new one free.
billysielu 25th May 2010, 00:07 Quote
wtf is dlc?
delriogw 25th May 2010, 01:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Evildead666
I remember buying the Horse Armour and both the Vipers lair, and the Mountain castle place in Oblivion.
IIRC it was only like $2 a piece anyways, which isn't that much.

Was a bit peeved when the extras were free on the KotN expansion pack, but I accepted it as part of the pack.

Anyone hear any news about Elder Scrolls V yet ?

kings of nine wasn't an expansion pack - it was a collection of DLC on one disc, which cost approximately the same as buying them all separately - just more convenient imo.

shivering isle was the expansion pack - and a very good one at that
Dragunover 25th May 2010, 06:17 Quote
I would never pay for DLC. If it's an expansion pack, that's totally different. But I'm never paying more than half for those on the original game.

As far as multiplayer games go, you should NEVER charge for it. I cannot recall the number of times I've been segregated from other players because I didn't pay for a couple of files made, and the people who did are bored because no one will join them.
Quavr 25th May 2010, 06:31 Quote
I think that you shouldn't have to pay for DLC. In a lot of cases its basically like the devs saying that they didnt finish the game on time so they are going to charge us extra for the finised version at a later date.
A good example of this is the zombies map on cod: waw, released with just one map and then3 more were later released with around £5 price tag on each.

Still, lots of people do pay for these things, and thats why they keep charging for them.
thulsa18 25th May 2010, 09:10 Quote
To be honest, 99% of dlc is overpriced. Given the small content they add, they are usually not worth it.

But I do have a question to the people that bought the Dragon Age dlc's, there is one that cost around £16. Is it really adding enough to the game to make it worth the money as I'm playing the game at the moment and like the game and would consider buying the dlc if it is worth the money
Chaos_Engine 25th May 2010, 09:12 Quote
You just need to be picky, if its a game people love they will but it, always read reviews on them and how much they will add to the game. Down-loadable content is a very good way to get an extra buck out of you..
Coltch 25th May 2010, 10:02 Quote
The only DLC that I have is for ME2 and that was free via Cerberus Network and if released as chargable I wouldn't have any of them (apart from Zaeed).

I don't agree with paid for DLC unless it adds something significant to the original game, if it's something that got chopped from the game then it should be free.
Elton 25th May 2010, 12:39 Quote
the only DLC i'd probably pay for as of now is the GTA IV addons and the Burnout paradise ones.

That DLC was ace.
fatty beef 25th May 2010, 14:39 Quote
It would be way cooler if they just did a stand alone expansion for $29.99(usd) that added 20 hours or whatever. Like legit expansions used to do. Keeping track of every $5.00 micro transaction is a pain in the ass. Wait 6 months and sell it all to me at once and make it mind blowing instead of meh and Ill give you my spare dollars. Thank you to everyone who encourages them to make crap... Crap that I dont even get a box for. Otherwise Ill just wait for the next sequel which will come out in a years time anyways (end rant).
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