GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City PC Review

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Baz 26th April 2010, 10:40 Quote
Now with 75% less rockstar social club!
wuyanxu 26th April 2010, 10:58 Quote
love Brucie's return, his bigger brother is just as funny as he was.
Hustler 26th April 2010, 11:00 Quote
Damn, i thought this was the full original game plus the 2 expansion packs sold as an all in one package..

But its just the 2 expansion packs that work without needing the full original game?....

Do they have plans to release a full all in one package?...
NikoBellic 26th April 2010, 11:06 Quote
I Should point out that many GTA fans have discovered that the disc version of eflc has worse performance than the downloaded gfwl version, (the steam version is basically just the disc version with a no-cd crack, so that has the same poor performance compared top the GFWL version) I should also point out, if you download it from GFWL it uses less HDD space because it uses any GTA IV files that it can which is obviously a great way to save HDD space, and since the GFWL version uses the same exe, you can switch to the other games/DLC whenever you wan't without the need to exit the game!.
Eggy 26th April 2010, 12:05 Quote
I have the steam version of GTA 4 and the disc version of EfLC and I don't notice anything different performance wise. Settings are exactly the same.

The disc version has additional music and radio stations which are imo much more important than being able to switch stories without quitting. Why you would want to do that anyway is beyond me.
NikoBellic 26th April 2010, 12:18 Quote
@Eggy, Like I said, the steam version is basically the disc version with a no-cd crack, the GFWL version is the one with the better performance, and the advantage of jumping from game 2 game without the need to exit. And that can be useful when your mates wanna play online but they are in one of the other titles, you can just click, join session in progress, and everything else is done for you!.
cgthomas 26th April 2010, 12:22 Quote
I'm at work so can't read the article thoroughly, but does this need GTA 4 to work
or not? Is it just a standalone game?
runadumb 26th April 2010, 12:26 Quote
Oddly the steam version has an install limit to which goes competely against the whole idea of steam. Really annoys me the way publishers do that. I might pick up the disc version as it doesn't seem to have such a stupid flaw.

Oh and Cgthomas it is a standalone and does not require the original game
V3ctor 26th April 2010, 13:12 Quote
Bought it, and I like it... I'm just thought that the game had a tweak or two to be more optimized (without us fiddling in it)...
Hovis 26th April 2010, 13:17 Quote
Regarding performance the thing is that the game, if you push for the highest settings possible, will brutalise your system like some sort of Viking stag party. You can match how it looks on an Xbox on a fairly rudimentary system, a table tennis bat wired up to a lemon ought to manage it, but if you go for higher resolution, better texture quality and longer view distances, then opt for high resolution effects and draw those effects further away and then slap anti-aliasing on top of all that then the game will look amazing, as a slide show.

I found specifically with the Ballad of Gay Tony there are areas and times of day where performance really tanked, particularly by the waterfront at night, because of the lighting and reflections. Annoyingly the settings that I had in place for the rest of the city were fine, but in that area, at that time, it was a bit of a mare. But that's the inherent problem with trying to eke the highest graphics settings out of a game.
rollo 26th April 2010, 19:44 Quote
gta4 doesnt even allow you to set max settings last i checked unless you have 2gb of video ram

is this still in affect here
Xir 26th April 2010, 20:06 Quote
I still haven't installed GTAIV yet (see my sig for the reason) :D
Now that they've softened the rockstarclub regulations, is the original less strict as well?
hirezo 26th April 2010, 21:45 Quote
completed both episodes, i think the story in tbogt is a lot more interesting than the original gta4
battles_atlas 27th April 2010, 10:41 Quote
Really unimpressed by the performance 'improvements' on show in Episodes. I swear that Lost and Damned looks worse that the original, and gives lower frame rates. Also really annoying to have to force AA through Catalyst rather than in game (not that I can anyway given the hardware demands it makes). I do have the Steam version, but this story about the GFWL version running better sounds like a load of balls to me.
NikoBellic 27th April 2010, 10:49 Quote
@battles_atlas: Just check out the GTAForums. and obviously TLAD gives you worse fps, but it gives me better fps thanx to me making the decision to buy it through GFWL.
Cupboard 27th April 2010, 12:17 Quote
I will pick this up when it gets cheap, getting the original in the Steam sales (about £4 I think) was a bargain!

Then I hit a problem with GfWL which screwed the whole thing up - I had an account but couldn't log in to it, it didn't recognise any of my email addresses in the forgotten password thing and I could use any of my old save games :(
Tsung 27th April 2010, 13:43 Quote
Waiting for this to come on offer this week on Steam, Rockstar are doing flash sales (2hrs) on their titles it appears to be happening in the evening in the UK.. Or if you dont have many Rockstar games, you can get the lot for £30 on Steam right now, GTA4 & This expansion and their entire back catalogue.. Thats a total bargin.
kornedbeefy 27th April 2010, 16:15 Quote
I still haven't finished GTA San Andreas. I played about 30 minutes of it a couple years ago when I bought it. I went ahead and bought GTA 4 (on sale) and its been sitting since I bought it due to other games taken up my time. Should I even waste my time playing San Andreas at this point or jump right into GTA4?
Xir 27th April 2010, 17:03 Quote
I haven't played GTAIV yet, bur San Andreas was great
mooseguy 27th April 2010, 17:20 Quote
Less annoying pop-ups and logins? Party time!
Do you mean 'Fewer annoying pop-ups"? Sorry, </grammarnazi> >.>
CowBlazed 27th April 2010, 19:06 Quote
So as a standalone version, is the entire city open to you as in the original?
Hovis 27th April 2010, 19:17 Quote
Originally Posted by CowBlazed
So as a standalone version, is the entire city open to you as in the original?

Geographically pretty much, but you lose some of the shops and the mini-games.
PaulJG 29th April 2010, 12:55 Quote
Big difference with performance is the shadows - in this version they've rewritten the routine. Look's much better, and frees up gfx card memory -which you can then use to pump up the slider on the detail and distance levels.

I'm running on a ATI 5870, everything on max apart from reflections and no AA, getting a good framerate.
Oh.. they also released an update patch for the shadow code on the original game.

I'm enjoying it, radio chat shows very very funny.
Xir 30th April 2010, 08:27 Quote
Originally Posted by PaulJG

Oh.. they also released an update patch for the shadow code on the original game.

Exxxxellennt *tapsfingertipstogether*

What resolution do you play on with these settings?
bestseany 30th April 2010, 10:43 Quote
I'm really enjoying the lost and the damned so far.

I turned off the shadows before i even started playing it as they slowed down the original so much. I'll have to give them another try now I've read about the changes to how they run.

EFLC does seem to run a little smoother than GTA IV anyway though, as I have the settings on slightly higher and it's not as jerky, although it's not perfect.
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