Plain Sight Review

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Omnituens 14th April 2010, 11:03 Quote
Over at epic.lan, we are thinking this is the new "Armagetron" game for lan - quick and fun.
LJF 14th April 2010, 11:35 Quote
Enjoyed the reference to Chesterfield in the 2nd paragraph - I wasn't expecting that!!
Tsung 14th April 2010, 12:58 Quote
I agree with Omnituens it would make an awesome lan game. 15 mins quick blast between sessions of more serious gaming that isn't a bad thing. The speed of the game & open maps reminds me of playing Quake 3 Instagib onf Q3 DM17 map.

What I found most suprising is the 3d nature of the maps where any surface can be "the ground" actually works and doesn't leave me feeling disorientated at all. It just works, great game, lots of polish..
general22 14th April 2010, 13:07 Quote
Have been playing this for the past week, great fun. Also does anybody else feel like they modelled the levels in some kind of 3d drafting/engineering program like NX.
Jamie 14th April 2010, 15:42 Quote
Looks like a bunch of Girs flying around in space. Awesome.
SupReme 15th April 2010, 08:37 Quote
I've been playing this for the past week too. When i heard there was an indie game with interplanetary robot ninja assassins I already knew that I should buy it. And for the €6,75 i payed for it, it was well worth it! But I agree with Bit-tech, it's not a game you should play hours, but just for a quick 20 min. gaming sessions it's perfect =)
The boy 4rm oz 15th April 2010, 14:55 Quote
I got this game the otehr day and love it, can't play on line though cos it is laggy as hell for me trying to connect to servers, I love the single player though.
kenco_uk 15th April 2010, 22:11 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Looks like a bunch of Girs flying around in space. Awesome.

And now, for the Doom song.
Yoy0YO 5th September 2010, 03:14 Quote
I bought it just recently from the steam sale. Very under rated game. Really really really incredibly fun for an amazing indie game.
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