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Pieface 26th February 2010, 09:27 Quote
I'm still looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic, looks better than this.
frojoe 26th February 2010, 09:36 Quote
If I had the time or money to play an MMO, this would be the one. As a collage student however, I have neither, especially money.
Silver51 26th February 2010, 10:12 Quote
I don't play MMOs, don't like Warcraft...

... yet bought a lifetime sub for this. Bought the Deluxe edition from Steam (on a whim while pre-ordering AvP) and got hooked. There's a lot of things that need refinement or expansion in game, but there's more than enough to hold my interest for the time being. Space battles are fun and fleet battles like the one on the Laurentian System or the Crystalline Entity are really good. The away missions have an original series vibe to them. I'm interested to see where this goes in the long run.

Also, as a heads up for anyone with an account, Cryptic are running a subscriber survey at the moment. Tell them what you want to see in the game and get 240 Cryptic points for filling it out.
Pieface 26th February 2010, 10:12 Quote
Do you make nice Collage's? I did a nice collage in year 10 on the eden project.
Flibblebot 26th February 2010, 10:53 Quote
I played the beta, but haven't played the release version.

One thing I particularly liked - and something that no other MMO does (AFAIK) - is when a group of individuals enter a mission area at the same time, you'll be automatically formed into an ad hoc team. The only downside to this is that the instance will scale to the number of people in the team, and if one member leaves then the remaining members will find it harder to complete the mission. Still, it's a good idea.

I'll probably give it another couple of months and pop my head in the door to see how things have matured.
rollo 26th February 2010, 11:01 Quote
you can lock that out fibble

as for the game your generous on your times. 25hrs to level 11 is a bit much

any mmo vet will do it in 8hrs.

Its main issue at the minute is lack of stuff to do once you hit max level and people are leaving in droves because of it.

no raid episodes on release and they will be only 5mans when they are doesnt really hold much hope for the future, Guess its bring on jumpgate evolution time
Tyrmot 26th February 2010, 11:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Pieface
Do you make nice Collage's? I did a nice collage in year 10 on the eden project.

You can use dried pasta shapes to make nice collages, especially with a bit of glitter as well
frojoe 26th February 2010, 11:29 Quote
The essay I was writing at 4 in the morning is going to be filled with mistakes like that, good thing it's a first draft write(just kidding). As a college student I have neither time, money, or sleep(or perhaps brain cells). I do enjoy a good arts and crafts project though.
Woodspoon 26th February 2010, 12:50 Quote
EvE FTW.....
Zut 26th February 2010, 13:08 Quote
I'd rather play this than any other MMO, but I'm not sure I'm ready to sign my free time away!
RotoSequence 26th February 2010, 13:51 Quote
This is one of the kinder reviews to STO I've seen. Most express little more than utter disappointment with core gameplay, and popular opinion seems to be that it has nothing to make it special beyond the franchise its based on.
rollo 26th February 2010, 15:21 Quote
Eve is poor unless you play for 2-3 years has a very poor skill advancement system
Sheiken 26th February 2010, 17:48 Quote
Achilleas.k 26th February 2010, 18:11 Quote
I don't think anyone expected this game to be a WoW-killer. That's what Conan and Warhammer tried to do and failed miserably.
STO is targeted at a completely different audience. Bundling all gamers into the nerd category isn't really fare. It's a different kind of gamer that likes medieval fantasy from the space sci-fi fan.
I think there's room in the gaming market for both kinds of games, especially since Aeon and Star Wars Galaxies are dead and the Sci-Fi fan has no where to turn to (MMO-wise).
Not to mention, the Star Trek fanbase is so massive that even if you get 10% of Star Trek fan gamers, you could probably sustain the game financially (this is not based on any statistics - just pulling stats out of my arse).

Overall I think if the game is playable and true to the franchise, it'll live long and prosper. It doesn't have to blow anyone else out of the scene to be a success really.
roblikesbeer 26th February 2010, 21:30 Quote
As a level 19 player and someone who has been playing since the open beta I generally agree with your review. It feels like they've tried to do so much so quickly that nothing has been given the final spit and polish it deserves. Sometimes the game is awesome but often it feels a little bit meh. I'll give it a month and see how I feel then.

Still, it is Star Trek and there is something to be said for tooling round the galaxy in your own friggin starship firing photon torpedos into people's faces!

/edit - oh, and so much for "bit-tech don't review MMOs..."
Star*Dagger 27th February 2010, 22:31 Quote
The real charm of STO is found in the PvP arenas, it is deep and when you get a group together on voice it is among the best in terms of starship combat.

STO is not finished, and by the end of this year it shall be, I would like to see the review revisited. 7 out of 10 is a fair score, though I would probably cite different things as advantages and disadvantages, being a hardcore pvper.

Thank to BT for taking on this monster.

Yours in STO PvP Plasma,
Hovis 28th February 2010, 02:35 Quote
I wanted to like the PvP, but zero consequences (not just for death, there's no RvR or objective to speak of, not really even bragging rights), too little (read almost none) content for Klingon players outside PvP and the whole system still falls short of EVE or Pirates of the Burning Sea. Without substantial persistence to the PvP element of the game there's little to differentiate the game from just being an overly sophisticated PvP matchmaking system. Part of the joy of Pirates of the Burning Sea (I never got too far into EVE as a PvPer) was watching the cogs of the enemy logistic system in action, putting a hurting on them that they actually felt at the auction houses and the shipyards. Watching the enemy attack a port with a fleet of rated ships one day, smashing them, and seeing them turn up with a raggedy force the next. STO has none of that, which takes all the edge out of the PvP.
Redbeaver 1st March 2010, 14:19 Quote
my only worry about this game: instances.

thats what killed Conan (among other things...) and will kill this game too, very soon.
RyanRosco 27th April 2010, 21:00 Quote
I am a huge Star Trek fan and active online player since the BBS days and have been watching this game since pepetual had first started devolopment. I joined Cryptic forums in fall 2008 now alas the game is here. I had dreams of this game coming out. Anyone who love's Sci-Fi like I do and heard news of this. Was like knowning you just won the lottery. BUT.....

What do I think.... What a disappointment.
Pro's: Space Combat graphic's great. Overall graphics look good.
Con's: Everything else

This game will entertain you for about the first 10-15 or so hours. After that kiss that goodbye because your doing the same mission over again.
You can do 3 things in the game. Shoot (spacebar) Scan stuff (f button) and Move. Thats it folk's.

You scan stuff but just to advance the same ol mission plots or to pick up crafting items. Which Crafting is a complete waste of time because items you buy are better anyways. I mean every MMO is somewhat repetitive to some extent. I love spaceships cant get enough of them. But The game is simple too simple. Most 5 year olds could honestly figure this game out quickly, Its incredibly boring.

On top of all this there is plenty of bugs and tech problems if the above doesnt make you mad. Push 3 buttons for a hour and then turn off your computer so you have to do it again. This will simulate the frustration.

Dont Believe me? Check out the forums there. TONS of unhappy players. Generally the only people that defend the game and swear its great is the lifetime subscribers. Who are secretly kicking themselves and trying to reason and convince that it is a great game. I mean I would too, if I spent a couple hundred bucks on it. Still dont believe me? Check out all the bad reviews from every major gaming reviewer.

My advice is wait till the game is a free download with some free trial time. Play it while its fun. But dont waste your money.
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