Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

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500mph 2nd November 2009, 11:36 Quote
The grenade launcher is fun at the moment. Launches giant "ERROR"s.
I wished they released all of the melee weapons and the different ammo officially.

Still a fun demo.
steveo_mcg 2nd November 2009, 11:49 Quote
Do you need to have a pre order to play the demo this time?
Xen0phobiak 2nd November 2009, 12:09 Quote
I think its released to the general public tomorrow (november 3rd), put that into "Valve Time" however you wish.
ChEsTeH 2nd November 2009, 12:09 Quote
At the moment yes - I think it released to general public tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.
Ab$olut 2nd November 2009, 12:10 Quote
I think its too early to judge the demo is only a small taste just like it was for the first game .

When I played the first games demo I had just as many doubts.

As for the ease of using just melee weapons I think this new 'realism mode' will solve that atleast lets hope!
Gunsmith 2nd November 2009, 12:16 Quote
i did enjoy the gauntlet run towards the end, adds a real sense of terror when they come charging at you and your forced to run at them shooting wildly.

overall i prefer it to the original, to me the original felt like a working experiment.
V3ctor 2nd November 2009, 12:17 Quote
Don't like the music... Washed out...
Don't like the survivors... Can't like them like first L4D1 ones
Don't like playing in the daylight (I thought that the daylight would change from morning until dusk, or night)
Melee is really overpowered... I killed everything with Curt Kobain's guitar (except the tank)
I'm a little bit disapointed with this demo... but still have faith that the game will be better...
bogie170 2nd November 2009, 12:21 Quote
Anyone else getting *poor* frames per second with Windows 7 64bit and Cat 9.10's? It's as though Crossfire is not enabled?
I got HD4870x2 btw?
CardJoe 2nd November 2009, 12:21 Quote
I didn't like the music either tbh - it felt confused, like there was a new track playing to fit with the setting (a cool New Orleans one) AND the original L4D tune playing over the top. It honestly hurts my head. I like the old music. I like the new music. I don't like both playing over the top of each other.
r4tch3t 2nd November 2009, 12:31 Quote
I don't reall like the music either. The melee weapons will probably be adjusted before release or sometime in the future. The crescendo is too easy if you just run it, even on expert you can make it to the switch alone with little or no damage taken. The defibrillator is a good addition although I have yet to be able to coat a freind in boomer bile with those canisters, maybe I just have bad aim.
Overall I like it and the best thing is that more people will be playing again as all my freinds have moved on and only play occasionally.
kornedbeefy 2nd November 2009, 13:03 Quote
So are we limted to 8 people in a LAN game?
V3ctor 2nd November 2009, 13:47 Quote

I thought the Joker would be harder to kill... And should come in a middle of a horde or something... He comes alone, so it's sooo easy to kill him...
And I thought the Charger would be like a tank... A big, bad zombie... nop... He's a SI, but a normal one, his hit points are ver low (at least upgrade him, to live as long as a Witch)
Spitter... she should be hiding/taking cover somewhere to shoot us... not going in the open so I can kill her at ease...
Witch -> correction, standing Witch... Just like the old one, just doesn't waste anytime getting up...

I hope that they can repair these things...
Bauul 2nd November 2009, 13:58 Quote
The melee weapons don't really work on Expert, where one hit from a zombie takes 10HP off, they become very difficult to use.

Which is a shame, because on Advanced they're totally over-powered. It's great fun to carve up a load of zombies with a machette, but it's hardly challenging.

Generally it's the little changes I really like. For example the suitably changing levels (some corridords where once open are blocked on future games), and the fact certain Level 2 guns pop up without the others. Do you stick with the SMG, or upgrade to the Sniper Rifle? It's a welcome addition and really makes you consider your tactics more than just your overall playing style.

I like the Spitter and the Charger (getting carried off by a Charger into the sunset is terrifying), but the Jokey just doesn't seem to work at the moment. Just a distraction.

I am extremely fond of the engine changes though. The Pipe-bomb ragdolls and added entrails engine is awesome. +1 for zombied running around with their intestines trailing out behind them. Going straight back to L4D and everything seems very sterile all of a sudden.

I'd give it a 7.5/10. Lots of potential, but the demo just isn't as sleak as the original. I can walk through Advanced with my eyes closed, but Expert's incredibly difficult. We'll just have to see how it pans out in the full game.
lewchenko 2nd November 2009, 14:26 Quote
After cancelling my pre-order for MW2 due to the dedicated server issue, I was praying this game was gonna deliver....

There is a lot to like about this demo. It takes L4D 1 a bit further and was largely enjoyable. I am definitely looking forward to the full game, and glad I pre-ordered.

However there were a few issues :

1. The music is dire. I know they wanted to capture the old-new Orleans vibe, but still..... not good.
2. The melee weapons are over powered when in Normal mode.
3. The AI of the common infected still needs work. Sometimes its just too easy, other times too hard. A few balance issues.

Graphically, it runs superb on my box, and gameplay wise... nothing Ive seen touches it.
Joeymac 2nd November 2009, 14:58 Quote
So when does the demo unlock for non pre-orderers? If it's the third I take it that's NOT midnight UK time? Cause that never happens.
bahgger 2nd November 2009, 17:50 Quote
I can appreciate what has been said about the music in L4D2, but you guys have obviously been messing around in Normal mode and not much else as the melée weapons only work effectively in Expert mode when used tactically, which is the norm. I use the machete, for example, when I'm in the corridor after the park area. The channelling of enemies allows you youse the melée weapon to good effect. Otherwise, you will get eaten alive. Also, you lose 20hp per hit in expert don't you? Or was it 10hp..

I like how the L4D concept has evolved from narrow, focused levels to more open areas that test you more since you're not assured that zombies will definitely be coming from one direction.
erratum1 2nd November 2009, 17:55 Quote
My preload has just completed, i think the advert that linked to the preload said the 4th. Steam needed to update before the preload.
Star*Dagger 2nd November 2009, 18:15 Quote
Game is very good overall. I think the folks at Bit-Tech might need some sun in Spain.
Horizon 2nd November 2009, 18:46 Quote
all i have to say is that l4d2 is to l4d in many respects what re5 is to the rest of RE series. It totally ruins the mood the edge is just gone, just isn't scary when it's supposed to be. I didn't feel like a survivor, I felt like a BAMF. A BAMF doesn't belong in a horror game unless they are one of the baddies.
Mentai 2nd November 2009, 19:12 Quote
I both agree and disagree. While on the one hand the melee weapons are a bit stupid, I definitely find this demo more fun than the last one. I can see myself playing l4d2 more than I thought I was going to be. Am definitely liking such a large variety in weapons and enemies. Almost liking the new characters more than the first ones (I know, blasphemy).

Also, campaign has always been crap. I'm playing in observation of introduced mechanics rather than if the jockey has got a good run on me or not. Have a decent boom, a charger going one way, a smoker pulling another, and the jockey going another way again and see how easy that is to deal with. Although you'll probably only get that in vs, obvious AI is obvious. I haven't been boomed once in several play throughs.
g3n3tiX 2nd November 2009, 19:37 Quote
You're saying it's easy, in Expert is starts to be quite tricky, especially the park when a tank comes by, or in the campound part.
I hate the music as well, except the one in the intro video which is not bad.

The demo itself is good (better than I thought actually overall), I'm having fun with my overpowered machete !
HourBeforeDawn 2nd November 2009, 19:54 Quote
I wonder if you can import the character textures from L4D into L4D2 so you can play as the same ones from before.
smc8788 2nd November 2009, 19:57 Quote
Originally Posted by HourBeforeDawn
I wonder if you can import the character textures from L4D into L4D2 so you can play as the same ones from before.

Why? They were just as uninspiring as the new ones.

Luckily it's not a very character-driven game anyway, so that's the last least of my concerns.
Yemerich 2nd November 2009, 20:32 Quote
I want zoey back! perhaps in a bikini....
Or lingerie...
and blonde...
and with huge boobs...
Gunsmith 2nd November 2009, 20:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Yemerich
I want zoey back! perhaps in a bikini....
Or lingerie...
and blonde...
and with huge boobs...

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