Windows 7 Games Compatibility Testing

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jrr 26th October 2009, 18:19 Quote
The chart probably shouldn't link to Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition when you were clearly trying to play an old version that you admit lacks compatibility with XP
centy 28th October 2009, 16:28 Quote
Joe, It sounds like you just need to disable UAC to install your version of beyond good and evil. It's probably help installing a lot of others that are otherwise impossible.
centy 28th October 2009, 16:28 Quote
Originally Posted by centy
Joe, It sounds like you just need to disable UAC to install your version of beyond good and evil. It'll probably help installing a lot of others that are otherwise impossible.
bobwya 29th October 2009, 18:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Joe Martin
In contrast, all AMD CPUs ship with Virtualisation as standard.

Cough, Cough... you sure about that Joe!! (Can't get it to work on my dual Opteron 285's - lol)

Lobosolitario 29th October 2009, 18:42 Quote
Your problems with Thief sound like the same installer issue which has plagued certain versions of the game since Win2k. My version (Premier Collection) doesn't suffer from it, but others may.

Solution from the TTLG forums:

How do I install Thief on Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista?
Go to Start, then Run, then type d:\setup.exe -lgntforce, where d:\ is your CDrom/DVDrom drive. (note: that's -lgntforce, lowercase "L". If you're unsure, copy and paste it from here.) This problem arises because Win2K, WinXP and Vista are based on the NT kernel, which had DirectX support which was flaky at best. Thief needs DirectX to run, so, when the installer sees the NT kernel, it assumes that the game isn't going to be able to run and quits the installation. The -lgntforce switch tells the installer to ignore the NT kernel and install anyway.

There is another thread on the forums dedicated specifically to Vista and W7 issues which might be of interest though.
gerryg 31st October 2009, 23:48 Quote
Question - I've read a little about XP Mode in Win7 Pro, but chose to go with Win7 Home Premium (partly for budget reasons, for now). If I have an extra copy of WinXP or Win98, will using VirtualBox on Win7 help with game compatibility? What about if I have upgrade editions of Win98 and WinXP - am I legal to install those using VirtualBox on Win7, as long as they're not running on another PC? I also have non-game software that I know won't run on Vista and am hoping will work on Win7 w/XP in VirtualBox. Thx all for replies!
October 11th November 2009, 02:44 Quote
Hey, a little late to the party but I have urgent questions

First off, no-one answered the all-important GTA conundrum! I'm on the verge of re-buying III and VC on Steam just to remove disk switchy based hassle, yes I could wait till I actually build my PC and in stall 7 and try my own retail versions but it would be way easier if one of you guys could do it for me ;)

Also, if Jedi Knight Outcast doesn't run (boo, never got round to playing it before) does Jedi Academy run? Very fond memories of playing a friends copy a few years back.
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory also threw up problems, in this case it's down to the ever-annoying Starforce DRM, which prevents the game being installed on OS's above XP - including Vista. There's some discussion about various fixes for the game using the latest Starforce drivers, but many users claim that the game is still mostly unplayable and unstable even with these, thus we've filed it under incompatible for now.

This was the part that annoyed me most in this article, I LOVE Chaos Theory and was looking forward to not being forced to take the all-out stealth route (stupid laptop...). Anywho, I've since noticed it's available on Steam and I'm thinking that maybe this would remove the Starforce issue...? Obviously you never got any further to test if the game would actually run once installed, anybody happen to own it on Steam and feel like re-installing?

Edit: Never mind about Chaos theory... My Google-fu has apparently improved since I first read this, Steam version DRM free The GTA stuff still stands though!!
hrtz_Junkie 8th December 2009, 15:06 Quote
Dont quit know what you did wrong but enemy teritory quake wars run's perfectly on boath my windows 7 computer's. In fact it was one off the moast stable title's in my colection??????

Also someone mentioned Bf2 and 2142? the will boath run perfectly but you need the 1.5 patch. (i know as I play them boath on win7)
fingerbob69 9th December 2009, 16:47 Quote
will Quake 4 run?
l3v1ck 16th December 2009, 05:26 Quote
Will Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2 work?
benjamyn 16th December 2009, 06:05 Quote
Most important games for me are:

Unreal tournament 2004
Theme hospital
Serious Sam (with SSHD its not an issue now)
shanky887614 5th January 2010, 12:39 Quote
here is the easist fisx possible just dual boot
or get profressional and use xp mode (unless that dosnt work i havent installede xp yet)
fingerbob69 9th April 2010, 16:03 Quote
Anyone wanting to know if a game is win7 friendly could no worse than checking out this thread/forum. I was interested in whether Fallout 3 would run. For me, so far, it has and without any of the problems/fixes highlighted elsewhere on the forum.
Crimsonthegreat 6th June 2010, 12:16 Quote
How do you get fallout to work on win7? It won't work on my computer.
sarmad_wahab 27th March 2011, 11:10 Quote
Hello every one my pc specs are

core i3 540 3.07ghz
hard disk 500gb
ram 4gb
ati hd 5770 iceqv turbo
window 7 ultimate 32 bit
cooler master 550 w PSU
monitor NEC multisync 15 inch

My problem is that on my pc GTA IV hangs/freezes in driving and as well as in walking, while grid on ultra high settings runs smooth so any idea??? PLZ Help me :(
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