Windows 7 Games Compatibility Testing

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sotu1 23rd October 2009, 01:34 Quote
Hey guys, i've read through the threads and replies, but on which version of Windows do games run best? ie, same hardware, latest drivers but different versions of windows. essentially, which version of windows give best framerate?!
Aragon Speed 23rd October 2009, 02:36 Quote
X3: Reunion and X3: Terran Conflict both work without problems on Win 7 as long as you use the latest patches that remove the TAGES copy protection.
Achilleas.k 23rd October 2009, 03:46 Quote
I've had Win7 Pro 64bit off MSDN-AA for a few weeks now. Haven't tried too many oldish games so no worries here. I did manage to get the original Metal Gear Solid game to work by applying the Vista fixed executables :D That's nice since my mate has been harassing me to play that game for ages and I just decided to do that now. Shame Jedi Outcast doesn't run :( I was planning on replaying that at some point.
Andy Mc 23rd October 2009, 03:53 Quote
ET:QW does in fact run on Win 7, atleast my copy that I bought via Steam does. I did have to manually install some MS 2005 C++ redistrabutable (it errored on install) and Punkbuster. Once done I could play online and have had no issues, other than what I think is my 9800GX2 starting to die.
mystvearn 23rd October 2009, 09:09 Quote
Does this mean No one lives forever 2 will not work as well?

Damm, that is the best fps in my oppinion
Bob1234 23rd October 2009, 09:58 Quote
Originally Posted by mystvearn
Does this mean No one lives forever 2 will not work as well?

Damm, that is the best fps in my oppinion

NOLF2 worked on Vista x64, with a little bit of beating and the odd crash.

I found I had to set the launch exe and the lithtech exe into compatability and required administrator to get it to work
mystvearn 23rd October 2009, 10:10 Quote
I have Win7 Home Premium. Not sure if it will work
CardJoe 23rd October 2009, 10:14 Quote
Originally Posted by mystvearn
Does this mean No one lives forever 2 will not work as well?

Damm, that is the best fps in my oppinion

Different engines, so not sure. Would have tested, but I just didn't have room in my bag to bring every single one of my games in, tbh.
mystvearn 23rd October 2009, 10:23 Quote
I'll try it out when I'm free and post it here then.

V1nd1c4t0r 23rd October 2009, 10:39 Quote
It seems that 2 games in the article's list are playable on my setup, though they are not retail. One is Beyond Good & Evil, bought through Steam, the other is Fallout 2, bought through GOG (Good Old Games).

As an added note, the older Fallout 1 (GOG) also works, although I had to rename the old ddraw.ddl file into something else for it to work smoothly. Messiah (GOG) does not seem to work with my Nvidia 9600GT, though it works when I switch to my built in Intel GPU included in my G41 mobo.

Open Transport Tycoon 64bit works like a charm, as well as modified Doom, Doom 2, and its ilk. I have yet tested the X-Com series however, as they are not available on Steam in my region.
MaverickWill 23rd October 2009, 10:40 Quote
Just a quick update - for some reason, my problems with Fallout 3 seem to have disappeared (aside from not being able to add to Windows Games Explorer) when I updated from Catalyst 9.3 to 9.10. Not a clue why, but I'm happier that my autosaves are safe now!
Eggy 23rd October 2009, 11:45 Quote
Originally Posted by The boy 4rm oz
Or BF1942, I could never get mine to run on Vista64, even BF2 has slight issues.
No problems running BF1942 or BF2 on Vista x64. Have them both running with admin priviledges and not installed in Program Files. It's a punkbuster thing I believe.
Xir 23rd October 2009, 12:54 Quote
Hmmm...I have a DOS-disk and an old 266mhz celeron in the garage...required for Freespace2, which wouldn't even run under Win95.
I wonder if I should get it out and see if it runs :D
thewelshbrummie 23rd October 2009, 18:44 Quote
Good article - as for Dune II it works perfectly via DoxBox on Vista, so I'm sure it'll work under DosBox on 7.

Saying that some of my CD based games don't work well under DoxBox on Vista - Screamer 2 is the obvious one that worked fine on XP with Dosbox but refuses to work correctly on Vista.

Looks like dual-booting XP32bit/7 64bit is the best option for teh time being...
leexgx 23rd October 2009, 19:58 Quote
enemy territory demo 2.0 works if you install from disk it mite not work (or demo downloa)

steam auto installs DX9 update and MS 2005 C++ redistributable

i am guessing that the full game will as well (just payed for it so find out in 2-3 hrs as i need to go out)
Cleggmeister 23rd October 2009, 20:36 Quote
Tried to install You Don't Know Jack and Win(home edition) was having none of it :(

Anyone succeed with this or offer any tips? Never tried DOSBOX - it this an option?


Jetfire 23rd October 2009, 20:56 Quote
Well I can confirm that WoW runs on 64-bit without issue so far. ;)
CardJoe 23rd October 2009, 21:36 Quote
Yay! The grind can continue!
perplekks45 23rd October 2009, 22:42 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
I couldn't care less!
Fixed that for you. :p
CardJoe 23rd October 2009, 23:24 Quote
Originally Posted by perplekks45
Fixed that for you. :p

Bought sums it up!
zabinko 24th October 2009, 14:56 Quote

just registered (after reading the site almost daily for a year) to comment that I got Thief: The Dark Project running on Vista 32-bit after 2 days of googling/fiddling on a ATi card. Don't remember how I did it though ...
butter100fly 24th October 2009, 21:56 Quote

forget gta4 of course thats gonna work....

Someone tell me about gta SA, gta VC, gta III

If you don't, i'll steal your car, and drive around looking for something, for HOURS!

seriously can someone please confirm that GTA's work? I will tear my own head from my torso with a fan belt if they don't.....

if any problems we are all going back to xp. Its that important.
leexgx 25th October 2009, 02:35 Quote
enemy territory works fine Win7 64, it was from steam so the game is fully up to date
Player-x 25th October 2009, 14:40 Quote
Just played ET-Quake Wars so that one IS working.

Win7 64 Ultimate
Bazz 26th October 2009, 02:10 Quote
CoD2 works in Windows 7 Home Premium, without the WinXP compatability mod.
Unless you update this to 1.3 and try to play MODS.
Looks like its all down to PB yet again.
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